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The name of Kishore Kumar is forever itched in the memory, of every Indian.  This all-time immortal legend is someone with whom India has always identified.  Even today’s generation sings and hums to his famous songs. It is next to impossible to meet someone who is not familiar Kishore Kumar songs. It goes without saying that almost an entire generation of Indians from the late sixties to the late eighties grew up on what Kishore Kumar songs. From love and romance, sadness to peppy songs, college teen songs, Qawwali,   comedy and funny songs…. you name it! The entire genre was there in his style of signing. Single handed, Kishore Kumar changed the very face of the Hindi cinema song industry.

Not just a singer but Kishore Kumar was perhaps the most talented person gifted to the cine industry.  He was an actor, lyricist, music composer, script writer, composer, producer and director. There are many comedy movies in Bollywood in which he has enacted and kept the audience in splits till the last minute. He has also written many songs for which he sang and many songs for other singers as well. Perhaps the best of his talents came forth in the movie “ Door Gagan ki Chaooan mein” in which he  virtually showcased and combined all his talents into one.

It is no wonder that almost three decades after his demise; he still lives among millions of Indians.

Although a multi-talented personality and associated with different aspects of the movie industry, it was through songs that Kishore Kumar was most popular. Till today, it his Hindi movie songs are alive on everyone lips.

The digital and information age has made it possible to people to listen and enjoy these songs through their mobile devices. This app has the largest collection of Kishore Kumar audio and video songs and almost all of his popular hits. So for all his die-hard fans, there is now a chance to relive the melodies of this great legend.  Listen to it and enjoy to the heart’s content.  The best part is that, not necessary to download these songs each and every time. Just click on the choice song, listen to it and click off when done.

Features of the Kishore Kumar App –

  1. Go down the memory lane and listen to all the favourite numbers whenever free, thanks to the app on the phone.
  2. There is a wide range of playlist of all the major hit songs of Kishore Kumar.
  3. The required songs can be sorted from the playlist so created.
  4. The app has a smooth user interface. The songs can be marked as favourites and thereby it is possible to quickly access these.
  5. Only and only about Kishore Kumar songs and for all his fan-worshippers

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