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Experience the game of the dinosaurs from the legendary and mega hit science fiction movie. Now through the digital medium, start playing adventures on the Isla Nublar.

This video game app has been developed by the Montreal based, Canadian software development company known as Ludia.  It was released in the year 2012 and has versions that run on Android and IOS. There is a Facebook game as well.  The game is centred on the Jurassic Park movie series and here the players build an animal theme park based on the extinct dinosaur species. In 2015, an update version was released in tandem with the release of the latest movie series – Jurassic World.

The app game is a Construction and Management Simulation (CMS), wherein the players challenge is to build up communities using certain set of limited resources. There are normal and strategic CMS games. In the former, the player has to focus on building up institutions and communities while in the latter; there is also an enemy to defeat.  Here it is normal.

The game falls into what is known as the Freemium category i.e. free in the beginning and subscribed at the higher level.

The Jurassic Park Builder became very much popular within one year of its release and was among the top 15 downloaded app games of the world, on both Android and IOS. The release reviews were good with some of the tech gadget magazines giving it a high rating and some others concluding it between fair and strong. The main review sites Gamezebo and 148 Apps gave it a high ranking. The game is still among one of most popular build game apps.

How the game is played –

  1. There are 2 dimensional landscape surroundings and 3 dimensional animals. The objective of the player is to build a thematic park modelled on the 1993 Jurassic park movie. This thematic park is creating by clearing of the land given to the player in the very beginning.
  2. Another objective of the player is to create Dinosaurs.  This is done by clearing the obstacles like trees and rocks so that mosquitos which contain Dinosaur DNA is located. These mosquitoes are hidden in the amber. Once this is done, then player is able to create the dinosaur egg for which they gets points.
  3. The next big thing for the player is to construct new roads and take care of the Dinosaurs created. This is the mission objective. After this objective is completed, the player moves ahead by developing more buildings and creating more Dinosaurs via cloning.
  4. The building creation includes new hotels and theme parks. The revenue earning happens when buildings are created and dinosaurs are fed. The player can buy the currency from the game for this.
  5. The player must avoid themselves running out by constantly feeding the various carnivorous and herbivorous animals.
  6. All the characters in the game have been taken from the Jurassic park first and second movies.
  7. Apart from the main Isla Nublar Jurassic Park, there are other parks like Aquatic and Glacier that players can create.

Download from 9App –

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