Jio Chat | Free download Jio Chat app APK for android

Jio Chat | Free download Jio Chat app APK for android
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Jio Chat app –

Reliance Jio Infocom had launched its voice and data services in 2016 October and it haS many features and services of the user.  One such is the Jio chat app.  Through this app the user can chat with their friends, relatives and colleagues and social circle members. This can be done on any network i.e. 2G, 3G or 4G and it can be installed on every smartphone device like Android and IOS. Of course no one uses 2G speed these days. Since its launch, users have given rare reviews about the app and its other enriching features like free video calling, total voice clarity, the ease of installation and usage. The Jio chat app is totally free and there are no charges of any sort associated with it.

To all users it needs to be reminded that the Jio chat App can be downloaded from the 9App store within minutes and easily. Today almost one out of four mobile users in India has a Jio number with them.   It is only but natural that all these users will be availing the Jio chat services.

Some FAQ’s about Jio chat

How to get registered with Jio Chat

Once the Jio chat app has been downloaded on the mobile, go to the registration page and enter the mobile number. A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the user which they have to key into the given space. With this the registration is through and services activated.

How to add contacts to the chat?

Go into the contact list and then select the contact. Click on the chat icon and send the chat message to the contact so selected.   This is the invite sent to the other side to accept. Once accepted from the other end, then both can chat endlessly.

How to use video calls for Jio Chat?

This is as simple as the earlier one. Just go to contact section, select the contact and then press the video call icon. You get connected then and there! The only recommendation is to use Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks and nothing below that.

How to make voice calls from Jio chat?

This uses the exact similar process as the video call; the only difference being that voice call icon has to be pressed.

How to activate the Jio chat in the mobile?

If the user has a Jio number then the chat would be available in the services as an inbuilt feature but if it is   a non Jio sim, then the chat app has to be downloaded from

What are the system requirements for Jio Chat?

The Android mobile version will be 2.3 and above and in the case of Apple IOS, the version has to be 6.0 and above.

All in all Jio is a great chat app easy to use and easy to run. Download it from and start using it today.

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