Is 9apps the best play store out there? Why?

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Yes, you know what it is not what one or two individuals saying; it is what the audience saying. Most of the android users are switching to 9apps play store. You know what many of you don’t even know that there can exist or exists any other play store than ‘Google Play’ store. But you need to shake off your ignorance right away.

You know there are myriad of third party play stores out there to choose. You can check them out and explore their features. But one thing is for sure when you go through different play stores, you would find 9apps echoing everywhere. It is because this store is the star, the king of android. The play store is a global play store and hence gets you amazing and endless applications from across the world.


Why is it the best?

Well, there are many things that make 9apps a great platform. But again, if you are doubtful about it or you want some concrete reasons for that then read on this post till the end. You would not take even five minutes to finish this post-reading and hence get something gem likes to install on your device.

Streak of options

9apps has a rich streak of options for you in applications. You can find different types of applications that too in abundance. You can find applications related to:

  • Games
  • Wallpapers and ringtones
  • Booking
  • Cooking
  • Learning, educational and academic
  • Dating applications
  • Writing, note pads, diary
  • Time management and time-saving applications
  • Positive attitude and optimism applications
  • Personality development and attitude applications
  • Safety and protection
  • Health and fitness

And the list is not at all an exhaustive one. You, in simple words, get everything you want to have on your android device. All these applications with manifold alternatives in them would make sure that you get that specific application that you desire for the most. Moreover, sometimes when you explore the options that you have no idea about, you end up resorting on applications that are the best and the most effective for you.

Quality, Ease and size

The quality of this play store is really good. You would not find anything random on this platform. Moreover, the ease is also an amazing factor that makes the users feel inclined towards this store. No matter you count yourself in novice people or the savvy ones; the application treats everyone with ease and comfort. Moreover, you would also find a great relief in the area of storage too. The application is of negligible size and that is around 10mb only.  No matter which version of this play store you use on your android platform, it is not exceeding 10mb size. In this way you can be at peace that your device doesn’t have to spare much space for this store to be there.


Thus, don’t you feel you should get this store on your device for once? Comen, the play store is the choice of android masses in abundance!