Is 9apps safe store?

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Everyone is crazy about downloading app store in their mobile so that they can download applications and games with the help of stores. There are many App Store like Google Play Store, samsung store, android store, windows store, 9 App Store, mI Store, iPhone store and so on. Before downloading any app store it must be understood that your mobile phone contain message information and personal information which may get hacker or theft, so prevent this type of cybercrime you must know before downloading any app store in your mobile.

Is 9Apps for download?
9apps is providing all the applications and games almost free and getting popularity day by day but is it right to download manners in our mobile how much secure this app store is? Finding this answer we have study about 9Apps and make some research about how 9Apps is providing free application although they are not charging any amount so is this app is really good, for this we had make a team of few developer and try to find the loophole so that we can upload our application on 9Apps for doing this we have submit applications in 9Apps butts what you find is that when we uploading 9Apps they have said that kindly remove Malware from your App Store otherwise we will not submit your application so as per our survey we find 9Apps is safe for downloading application.
Task 2: For finding fact about 9Apps v download so high pen with applications and games from 9Apps and watch whether this applications download easily or not. After downloading and installing we find that are work properly and without any errors so after study we find that is really good and safe Android applications for downloading our work related information and application even we can use it for entertainment download application.