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invasion modern empire app, invasion modern empire app downloadInvasion modern empire is a war game app in which players can win battles and get world domination by saving the world through a 2020 expected global apocalypse. The entire game is based on a war theme. There are many actions and adventures in it. It is high zone action packed game.

Now that’s sounds spooky does it not? Yes it is! This is Halloween campaign game.

So what is the best way to battle it out? Strategize and become a famous military commander by winning through the battles. The game uses all the elements of Real Time Strategy – RTS ((A real time strategy game is something in which user has to make certain manoeuvring strikes. and gain control of their areas. while eliminating their opponents at the same time).

The game is widely played throughout the world and in a total of 18 languages. It is   compatible on both IOS and Android phones. The minimum requirement for Android phones is 4.0.3 and that of iPhones is 8.0 and above. The game has seen more than 10 million downloads till date with the numbers set to increase daily.

This is a freemium with the basic features free and the advanced features charged. The latest Android version updates is of July 2019. The current running version is 1.40.20 as of now.

So, for war strategist and manoeuvres, what are you waiting for? Just move ahead!

Features of the invasion modern empire game app –

  1. The players can build and also customize their bases to give proper utility.
  2. As the game progresses, there are many ways to enhance the warfare strategy and tactics with the help of latest technologies.
  3. The game has a real time panoramic map and with the help of this, the player-commander can be guided to new arenas.
  4. Many new alliances can be created in the battle and these can eliminate many of the guilds.
  5. The new features gives several reward options like rebels approaching, the ghost roulette rewards pool and sometimes surprise gifts during the daily login.
  6. Many exciting 3D graphics and MMQ strategy
  7. The new version also has ways through which the production unit efficiency can be preserved and raised for a later stage.
  8. There are many exciting RTS rules to save the world from apocalypse.

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