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It is a famous thrilling online war game in which the player needs to build up an empire in post apocalptic 2020 in order to win and sweeping the army across the land. Player is required to fight in the game to become the most powerful military commander in the whole world as you march your way to victory. The game is a real time global MMo war game that challenges you to conquer and battle your way in the midst of a global apocalypse.


Let us take a look on the key features of the world popular war gameinvasion modern empire app, invasion modern empire app download
Clash with your enemies by making proper strategy as your army sweeps across the world.
As you are playing the role of commander in the game play, you have to give the proper guidance to your army in real time.
Brilliant 3D graphics and MMO combat of the game will give you a new and unique perspective on war as here each tank and soldier follow the instruction of commander.
You have to clash with your enemies in order to make an expansion in your territory and earn resources.
Train the army and fight for your territory with the best possible strategy.
By invading your rival, you can win wars to expand your empire.
Clash with guilds online in PvP monument wars.
To find the perfect team for you, the game features live chat feature.
Battle online in alliances and crush the guild in your way.
Upgrade warfare tactics and cutting edge technique to collect intel.
Once you’ve defeated your enemy, you can acquire their resources as well as can claim their empire as your own.

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