Install games to USB flash drive

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  • Install games in your computer hard disk you need to insert game disc into your disk drive or you need to download games from 9Apps install in your hard drive.
  • From from PC I can’t select the game in the drive tray and then press button x or click to install.
  • Our progress bar will in indicate that the game is start installing in your PC on the given hard drive.
  • While installing the game we may face space problem in hard drive for that we can use USB flash drive so that we can install that game and play the game very easily.

Why use PC for your games?
The best thing about PC is that we need a wide screen for playing the games with graphics install in pc so that we can really feel that we are in the games with a big display and without keyboard and mouse and weak even we can use joystick to play the games in PC so while playing the games especially when we are playing with the multiple appear we need to be very fast to get win.
As per my experience I have play lots of games in mobile tab and PC but the real first come in PC when we are playing with huge display and monitoring our Enemies in just a click so that we can easily navigate all the information with the help of a single Clipart in case of mobile or tab we have to navigate smartly to get good games while playing most of the time we get confused that what I have to do in the tab or mobile but in case of PC all the information and display very badly and can be easily accessible so that we can play games and concentrate our mind to play a sheet of checking our controls.

Where do I get free games for PC?
When we are talking about games applications then most of the games are paid but there is still a chance that we can get on the game for free by using our games application done as 9Apps 9Apps is a platform where digital applications are available for downloading.