Install 9app | Free download & install 9apps APK version 2018

Install 9app | Free download & install 9apps APK version 2018
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9Apps is a well-known original market trend holding in a huge bundle of excellent Apps and games extremely free of cost. Accordingly, 9Apps is an Android Operating system and is very easily applicable on all Android devices, Tablets and PC systems as well. Soon after the release of this 9Apps it gained extreme popularity as the third-party app stores in various countries such as India, Russia and Indonesia. Generally speaking, 9 Apps is a tremendous all in one destination app store wherein every all the apps and games are very well categorized in an Alphabetical manner without providing any difficulty to the user in hunting them. Nevertheless, through 9Apps every user can attain all the required benefits and obtain full advantage to the complete extent wherein which can never be found elsewhere in any other app store. Moreover, the service provided by 9Apps is totally an outstanding one. It is truly considered to be the best distributing platform which enables all the users to monetize the best of it without any issues in it. Furthermore, 9 Apps is powered up by the open Platform of UC app. This UC platform is an integrated set of mobile services which are totally being provided through a various sets of products. And hence, this UC Open Platform consists of the flagship browsing app which is exactly known as the UC browser. Above all, this 9Apps is a part of the eco system. Therefore, let us be a part of this 9Apps original but before that let us have a focus on some of its authentic features given below.


  1. Very Small Size: The app store itself in very tiny in size less than a Megabyte. And it obtains very little space on your device without any hassles.
  2. Assumes very Less Data: 9 Apps appears with a little data compressed with it.
  3. Massive selection of apps and Content: 9 Apps holds in a huge contain of apps which are quite often removed from other app stores.
  4. Denoting Download Manager: 9 Apps for Android turns out to be the awesome download manager when compared to the Google Play app.
  5. Customized Content: Every user obtaining the 9 Apps needs to generate an account to download and install apps without any issues in it


Overall, the actual original 9Apps is a very autonomous app wherein you can browse all of the previous versions of the app without any struggle, so why delay any further instantly grab the immediate download of this 9Apps and assume all the extreme advantages of this app to the complete extent without any worries in it.

Requires: Android 2.3 Or Higher
Size: 2.5 MB varies from device to device
Downloads:  3k/week
Category: Downloading
Updated:  Today
Licence: Free

How to Download 9App?

Step1: Go to setting  >> Data >>Connect Internet

Setp2 : Go to Browser  >> open web browser

Step3: Type in your browser address bar

Step4: Download the apps from the link

If you are looking for free movies, games and application in your mobile then you need 9app application which help you to download mobile APK for free. To download 9app you need to click on the download button provide in this page.

Download will take few second as its come in tiny size

How to Install 9App on Android Devices?

After download complted 100% the next step is to install 9apps.

Step 1: Go to folder >> open download folder
Step 2: Click on APK file >> 9app.apk file will start the process
Step 3: Click on Security ok(Only for android 4.0 and above)
Step 4: Check Unknown Sources box
Step 5: Click of agree term and condition box
Step 6:  allow third party to access your data
Step 7: Click to finish the applicatoin
Step 8: you are ready to use 9apps in your mobile