If you have computer you must try this game

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This game is about real time strategy and impact if you miss the chance you will lose your kingdom. You have options to play as a single player or multiplayer game. You can choose your God make your Empire built your strong Army to fight against your enemy you have lots of options. This games has many tools Lite create Army, farming facility,  collect gold to strong your Empire, buy equipments and goods,  train Your Army, make heroes with additional power who can guide your Army. Make ships,  boats, fighter ships,  make watch house, make Towers, secure you land by providing boundaries. Attack your enemies to win empire and get points and coins.

TOOLS Language System Requirement
Single-player English OS 64-bit
Multi-player French Windows 10 version or higher required
Co-op Italian Architecture X64 required
Steam Achievements German Processor 1.8 Ghz or greater
Steam Trading Cards Spanish Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or Greater
Steam Workshop Japanese Memory: 5GB min
Steam Cloud Korean Video Memory: 1GB
Stats Traditional Chinese Storage: 20GB
Steam Leaderboards At run time additional 100MB

Believe me I have played this game and I was getting a feeling that I am the empire and I have to make the decision to all my win and loss when you are winning the game you will feel yourself that you are the Hercules and you have external power through which you can destroy your enemies, but if you are losing the game you feel that you have lost everything, this games create a crazy fight against shoes Army with a single motive win anyhow. The game is about age of Empires.

How 9Apps will help you for this game?

Age of Empire use of premium game in which you have to buy the games before playing show the only option which left is that there must be a application store where we can download this games for free. And this platform is provided by 9Apps the one and only applications where all the applications can be downloaded freely.


How to download age of Empire free?

To download Age of Empire 3 you must have 9Apps additional store in your PC or in your Android mobile. Open 9Apps and search Age of Empire you will find a list of games download option available in 9Apps choose the version which you want to download in your PC. The reason behind choosing the version is that most of the games are comes under 64 bytes window with almost windows 10 version supported and architecture must be x64 and minimum processor must be 1.8 with graphics HD 4000. Means if you have 32 bytes or if you don’t have graphics in your computer then you can’t play this game. So before downloading you must check your PC version and processor so that it easy to you for downloading which version will be best suitable for your PC.

Most of the time you just download advance versus of the game which is not supported by their PC and they get puzzles and think that this games download links is useless and they remove the games from the PC so it’s better to have understand your PC support before installing any game.

How do I know that which version of my pC will support Age of Empire?

Very simple you have to go to my computer and then click properties you will see your computer property like  Processor, install Ram, system type, graphics so after getting the idea that what is your system configuration according to that you have to choose the game versions which support your PC.