How can I download Android apps games for free from 9apps games store?

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With digital awareness among peoples, free to play Android games also widely spread among young age group. But finding Android game for free is quite tough as compared to desktop games of the app store provide only paid games so that it can be safe for uses, when we we download any games applications it me contains male wear or virus with me harms power electronic device. So how can we download save games from Android? You have to follow the following instruction to download games application.

Note : This article is about how to download games applications in your Android mobile. We are providing only information about safe downloading but if somehow some Malware cure in your mobile then we are not responsible, you have to to update your antivirus for safe downloading.

Method 1

Install 9Apps application in your Android mobile tell after that open this applications and then go to search box type games for Android mobile. It will show you a list of of free games with download links click the games to start installing in your mobile you can play the games.

Method 2

You can transfer games from one Android mobile to another with the help of file share option if someone has that game which you want to play just simply use shareit options to share that came now you will get the fine in your mobile you have to install that applications and play it easily.

Method 3

If you don’t want to download the games applications then you can play this games online, you have to to complete registration so that you will get username and password use this username and password whenever you want to play the game even you can pause the games in between and when you get online you can continue your game.

Above are three methods of downloading and playing games in your smartphone for more information about games download you can and subscribe this page for new Publication about how to download games in latest versions of Android?

Which is the best site to download android games?

We are providing you stop websites from where you can download Android games for free or paid it’s depend upon you with sides in best option for your need if you want to go for premium version it will be good as free version mobile are mostly slow to download and unsafe to use but the website which we have mention below our top rated website from where you can get any games Virus free so good luck and download unlimited games for free.

  1. 9apps
  2. Steamgifts.
  3. SteamCompanion.
  4. Green Man Gaming.
  5. Steam.
  6. GOG.
  7. G2A.
  8. Origin.
  9. Google Play.
  10. Android Games Room.
  11. Android Apps.
  12. 1 Mobile.
  13. Approb.
  14. IGN Beta Giveaway
  15. Reddit’s freegames
  16. Humble Bundle.
  17. PC games.
  18. Ocean of Games.
  19. Softpedia.
  20. Skidrow reloaded
  21. AllGamesAtoZ.
  22. Mega Games.

Why use 9Apps for game downloading?

9Apps is the only applications where almost all the games are free and it is safe to download event it download very fastly as compared to other App Store. This store check all the on a certificate applications before uploading and downloading any games. So we not need to worry about data hack or male-wear when we are transfring file from https/http to mobile via 9Apps game.