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Beach volleyballs is a positive team relationship games where they must have good communication skills to play this game. A team played by two teams on a sand court which is divided by the net between two players. This game is discipline in Olympic since  1996.

With the inspiration of this game there are many online beach volleyball game has been developed like boom boom volleyball, Beach Volleyball game, Hot Beach Volleyball, etc.

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First you need to find a place near beach having volleyball court but remember you have to bring you onw volleyball as the courts provider will not give you ball they only can provide volleyball court which may be paid, reserve or free.

In sand volleyball each team has 2 players and that two players have to play till end of the games there is no substitute or replacements.

The team that wins 2 sets will be the winner of the games 1 set contains 21 points, if there is a 20-20 tie the will continue to next level to reaches a 2 point

When the first  team servers and wins the rally the it socres 1 points and server the ball agains.

If the second (opposing team) receives and win then it score a points and will get the right to serve.

The team has to switch court side after every 7 points in a set 1 and set 2. And if it goes to 3rd set then the change the court on every 5 this way each team will get the same weather condition and no one will blame the weather condition of sun is shining or wind is blowing.

Note that you have to smooth the sand before playing the games do not play where large holes or gaps are in the sand.

If you are playing in sunny be remember to use sunscreen when you start playing you have to use high SPF  you can use other protection equipment like sunglasses and hats. One most important thing is that you have to drink plenty of water at the interval each time to avoid stay hydrated.

Drinking water will also boost you and you will get energy to play game. Beach games required strong physic so before starting to play you must concern the physician and it required lot of physical endurance, moving fast jumping and falling sitting which will be panic for bones and joints.

Download Beach volleyballs from 9apps

First you need to installed 9apps application in your system >> open 9apps >> click on search and type games name the result will be shown >> click on the links >> the games will start downloading in your download folder >> go to that folder and click on icon an installation of games will take place after few second it will installed. Now you are ready to play the games in your system