Hot beach Volleyball games | Free download Volleyball games app APK for android

Hot beach Volleyball games | Free download Volleyball games app APK for android
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This is a different version of the regular indoor volleyball game. As the name itself says, the main difference is that, it is played out door on the beach. There are certain other differences like in the beach one there are just 2 players in each side as compared to 5. The court size is slightly smaller than the indoor volleyball and also the ball is more water resistance and slightly larger.

The other skills required in playing the game are almost similar like the normal volleyball. This includes, serve, block, pass etc. The point system remains the same and the team which reaches 21 points with a 2 point differential wins the set. The deciding set is the third one if both the teams are on equal points. The teams switch the court after every 7 points in the first and the second set. It is also one of the few games in which both genders play in a single sport.

Beach volleyball is a very fast and exciting sport and once someone starts watching it, they cannot take their eyes away from the TV. It is an Olympic medal sport 1996. The game has also been an inspiration of other version like Boom Boom volleyball and hot beach game.  From a point of skill and stamina, the beach volleyball game is more demanding. This is because of the deep sand nature of the beaches.  Another aspect is that only 2 players are there in each team and they have to cover a lot of ground.

Some precautions to be taken –

  1. Try to have the sand smoothened in the area where the game is being played.  This will make the surface little easier and give more flexibility to the body.
  2. The play should not be done in the area which has holes or large gaps in it.
  3. If the game is played on a sunny day, then it is better for the players to apply sunscreen so that they are not tanned. For the spectators it is better to wear sunglasses and hats so that they get enough protection from sudden serves.
  4. The players should try to drink as much water as possible so that they are not dehydrated. This is unlike many other sports in which water intake is restricted as it may reduce the mobility of the player
  5. Beach volleyball requires a lot of agility and body stamina. The players who are interested to regularly participate in this should maintain their body and physic with a good diet and have a lean figure. Their bones and muscles should be strong yet supple.

Downloading the game from9App –

This is as far as the sport, its rules, regulations and the preferred requirements goes. Now have the fun of watching beach volleyball sitting right at home. There is no need to wait for Olympics or go to a far off location. Just go to the 9Apps store. Go to games and then type beach volleyball.   Once the app comes, just click on the download and it will be saved to your smartphone.