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horoscope app, horoscope app downloadNo matter how much advanced mankind is, there are still some age old traditions and beliefs which give them a lot of faith. One such thing is thing is the horoscope. Human beings always have the tendency to believe in horoscope, to know about their future and get comforted by the feeling that coming days are much better than past or the present. This has become part of an inherent faith and in a way, such traditions are always good. It helps people to be grounded and deep rooted to faith, culture and history. The horoscope is not just a belief but also a subject of deep study through different techniques.

The digital and the smartphones perhaps is the classic example of how the very age old, almost primordial traditions and the modern technology can perfectly and seamlessly work together. It is an example of faith and technology going together.

 The daily horoscope app is the one of the most popular future prediction apps that people across the world have installed on their mobile smart phones. There are almost 10 million users of this app and it gives a variety of predictions to users believing in different methods and science of Horoscope. This app works on both Android and IOS platform and not only that; it is the most downloaded among all the horoscope apps.  It goes without saying that, horoscope apps are aplenty but only a few have mass usage and reach across the world. On the top of the name comes the Daily Horoscope App.

Features –

  1. This prediction app gives many an interesting features that makes for its popularity:
  2. It gives the horoscope for all 12 star signs.
  3. There are custom colours and font sizes of different types and these make it very attractive to the eye.
  4. It has daily, weekly and monthly horoscope predictions.
  5. This horoscope is zodiac sign compatibility.
  6. The latest horoscopes are available including the one for 2019 both in Chinese and Zodiac.
  7. This app has the functionality, through which it can roll back to a week.

There are alerts and daily time reminders that can be set up.

  • In the Chinese horoscope, predictions are given for the entire range of Chinese signs and this will be given according to the Chinese calendar. As of now, for 2019 it is available.
  • The daily horoscope app dos not ask for any details of the user and thereby give total privacy to them. This is in contrast to many other horoscope apps which asks for several user details and can actually make the user totally uncomfortable (and that too, when it is not required)
  • The app has been used by well-known celebrities and socialites.
  • There is also an additional feature of compatibility readings for 2 combinations of Zodiac signs. This covers several aspects like business, employment, relationship, family aspect.

Get the running version from 9App –

So, now if someone wants some predictions about their future, then going by ratings and number of downloads, this one – Daily Horoscope is the best app for all those who believe in this art.

The 9Apps site will give you the latest version released on June 19th 2019.