Horizon | Free download Horizon App APK for android

Horizon | Free download Horizon App APK for android
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horizon-downloadHorizon Chase is one of the very popular game that is available for free of cost and today it has over millions of users from all over the world. This racing game is exclusively designed for the users of iOS and android and is inspired by Outrun and top gear. Horizon chase is developed by Aquiris game studio. It is an addictive and one of the very interesting game of racing inclusive of lot many things such as Out Run, Lotur turbo challenge, Rush etc. Each curve and every lap that is offered in the Horizon Chase recreate classic arcade game play and offers you unbound speed limits of fun to let the users  enjoy the exciting game to the full extent.


Let us take a look on some of the major and most important features of Horizon Chase that made it win several awards and so much of fame and recognition among its users.
It has 16 BIT Graphics that brings back the amazing graphic context of that generation which inspired the people in the past.
The beauty of the game is visualized by apparent polygon and the secondary color, resulting in a unique and very harmonic atmosphere that makes you feel the retro soul of the game.
As the name of the game itself says, it features the tour through the world’s horizons. There are total of nine cups and with each new cup you will pilot your car through extraordinary places and enjoy your tour.
Several places are available like watching the sun setting, facing rain, snow etc and enjoy in beautiful places from across the world.
It also features Barry Leitch, Soundtrack composer from Lotus TC.
The game is also compatible with many major operating systems like android and many more.

Horizon Chase- World Tour game app APK download-

If you want to play this popular and addicted racing game then first of all you are required to download it through APK of our web site by taping on the header or footer options of our site. You can also install the latest version of the game and the process of downloading only takes up the data usage as it is completely free of cost to install.
So what are you waiting for? If you want to play the game then download it now in your android device and enjoy it any time and any where..