Horizon | Free download Horizon App APK for android

Horizon | Free download Horizon App APK for android
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Free download Horizon App APK for android

This is a game app centred on a race game and it is one of the most popular video games in the world. Used mainly by children and teens, but over the years, it has gathered popularity from all the ages’ groups. The users of this app run into several millions across the world. This game was developed by the Brazilian company Acquiris Game Studio and in 2015; the version for the IOS and Android was released.

It is a 3D game but it has several inspirations from 2D games and 16 bit titles. The background score of the video game is inspired to a great extent by Nintendocore tunes.  The games have many features like Outrun, Turbo Challenge. The Horizon has an addictive nature about it and this is what has given it a soaring use base.

A rather unknown and light aspect of the game is that its composer included a marriage proposal song to his girlfriend. When the version was released to the public, the fans of the composer did recognize the game song but it was kept as a secret.

Release popularity –

Upon its release, the game had a good and positive reviews and audience viewership slowly started increasing.  Many of the third party rating websites gave it a high ranking score. They included most of the reputed websites like Gamezebo, Touch Arcade, Pocket gamer, Metacritic. The pocket gamers gave it a ranking of 9 out 10 and also the golden award.

Features of the Horizon App –

  1. The game is all about a race in which the player has to cover several tracks around the world and not just in one country. On the way there are fuel pickups which enable to complete race and Ninto boosts that accelerate the car speed.
  2. The curves and Lapps of the horizon chase offers exciting speed limits and recreation of classic arcade games which makes for a lot of excitement .
  3. The graphics are attractive to the core. They are 16 bit graphics and bring back the graphic content of the generation that was a long term inspiration.
  4. This APK game app is available on 9Apps store. This is a total free app.  Download it right now and have some great rallies!
  5. The game is resplendent with its secondary colour beauty and the ubiquitous visualization through the polygon. This results in some hard core soul stirring for the game and creates a unique atmosphere.
  6. The name of the game is eponymous by itself. It is a race that takes the user through the very horizons of the world. There are nine cups up for grabs in the race. The player or user has to pilot the car through many places and literarily enjoy the world tour.
  7. Each of these “virtual” tours brings several scenes like the setting sun, the rain, the lakes, the snows and several others. It is really a memorable experience.
  8. The well-known composer Barry Leich has created the sound track.
  9. The game is mainly used worldwide as an app for Android and IOS. However in 2018, the PC version of the game was also released.