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This is an app to help people learn the national language of India. The country is vast and diverse and it has people from different linguistic backgrounds.  It is not easy for everyone to learn Hindi. There are some languages very similar in dialect to Hindi and some of the written scripts of certain regional languages are like Hindi. To take an example, the regional language of Marathi has the same script of Hindi. But there are many languages that are totally unlike Hindi. This especially includes the south Indian languages.   This app is going to help all such people to use the Hindi language.

Through the use of the Hindi pride app, people can write text and other documents in Hindi from their mobile phones. They can send across messages to other friends or associates or colleagues. Through the Hindi App, using Hindi as a medium of communication is very easy. Finally, the national language of the country has got its perfect medium through digital technologies.

This is a free app and it can be installed in Android and IOS phones. It can be used online as well as offline. This means it has a Hindi keyboard as well as an English keyboard. The first one, Hindi, works offline. It types the words in Hindi and then sends it across.

The second is for those who are not so much comfortable with the Hindi script. It is here that Hindi pride helps them out. The user can type the Hindi words in English and then it gets converted into Hindi as soon as the space bar is pressed.

It is so simple!

All that is required is a peripheral knowledge of Hindi. The entire concept of Hindi writing was never so easy before. The combination of the Hindi writer and the Hindi keyboard is this app.

More or less it is clear on the utility of the app. Let us have a quick run-down on its features –

  • As mentioned above, the Hindi pride app is dual purpose. It is both English and a Hindi keyboard at the same time. It helps in fulfilling the end objective i.e. sending messages in Hindi.
  •  Share the messages so typed with the user at the other end. This can be done through normal SMS or through internet based chats like the all-time used WhatsApp or other apps like Hike.
  • The message can be saved on the user mobile phone and sent later on as well.
  • The app is not completely dependent on Internet. The Hindi keyboard can be used in an offline mode as well.
  • Even beginners and novices having bare minimum knowledge of spoken Hindi can communicate in Hindi with the help of the Hindi Pride app.

Download from the 9Apps site –

This beautiful national language of India is now connected across the length and breadth of the country. The 9App site will give you the current running version. Download to the Android phone.

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