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Are you fond of reading books?? But tired of buying so many books!!

Need not to worry; because Google has again made the job easier. Google has introduced Google play books for the purpose. Initially Google introduced-books in Dec2010 which is nowadays known as Google play books.

GPB’s offers reading and downloading books which can later be read either online or offline .Users can read here almost every kind of book according to their interests .E-books here are both free and purchasable too. Paying for a book is similar to purchasing an app from the play store.
User cannot only download or purchase books but can also upload all kind of e-books on android and ios platforms by opening file manager and choosing ‘upload to play books’ ‘if available to them for future use by some other user which can be fruit full for them. The books here are in PDF or EPUB formats. Hence GPB’s are serving as a fully cost effective-library by keeping in mind user friendly features of reading too.

Users are being facilitated-books with various features such as turning and navigating to pages with in the book, make an not actions, change text and display ,copy book text, synchronization of book , day – night enabled reading mode , reading features including selecting font, line spacing ,ability to pickup reading positions, creating bookmarks, search within book texts etc. Users can also high light text and add notes.

In June 2015, Google Play showed that the Play books app had been downloaded over one billion times. Google play books has time to time introduced latest feature updates where reader scan read their books aloud using text to speech device through internet connectivity. Translation of books is also made available with Google translate .Even more, dictionary definitions are shown when award is selected by the reader. For geographic all ocations, Google maps can be shown.

For easy navigation of books by the user, android home screen shows recently opened books at the top along with books recommendations .Different actions such as uploads ,downloads and purchases are shown in my library section . It also updated comic categories and nonfiction books. Anew feature ‘night light ‘was introduced in2015 which filters blue light from the screen aiming to reduce eyes train. Almost important feature of play books is that it provides selected text books on rent too. Users can also arrange books by title; author or date last opened and organize their own library.

Download Google Playbooks

Google playbooks are thus unique library of its own kind with unique features too. It is must be downloading app for book lover sandals of or children who like reading tales, comics and fables etc.