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‘This is a search engine app of internet giant Google. It gives details of any information and also acts almost like a personal assistant ( almost, not to be taken as the actual Google assistant).

It is necessary to understand about the web launcher. This is an app that enables loading of the web pages on the remote device through the Android smart phone. This remote device is also called as the viewer in technical language. The remote device can be a desktop or a laptop for example. Using the launcher, the device can be accessed though a web browser or in this case, the app. It is possible to launch any favourite links through this app. The User Interface can adapt to the screen resolution.

In more simple words, the Google launch can described as a home screen manger developed by Google Corporation. Apart from that, it is a user interface that can suggest on certain things and answer the required queries.  The first version was developed using the Android launcher code. The users can update their launcher on the android device through a clean and neat home screen. It was launched by Google on 2014 and the latest updated version has been launched in 2017.

The Google Now launcher can be installed on all Android versions of 4.1 and above. The app is available in the English language version.

Features of the Google Launcher –

  1. Using the right swipe of the home screen, the user can see the Google now cards. These have the functionality of bringing the right information at the right time.
  2. The Google assistance is another feature of the app. It gives you all details and the information required and almost everything that you wanted to know. Just with the touch of the finger. It also has the feature of reminder of important dates and important or memorable occasions.
  3. It is not just the search function, but it is also possible to look for the things that are wanted.  This is done by using the camera function or by clicking a picture of that thing through the lens of the camera. This can be the object or the word also.
  4. There is the feature of the quick access to search from the mobile home screen itself. This simplifies things and gets the result very fast.
  5. The user can say “ ok Google” to enable the voice search facility. The phone can be instructed on what exactly to do and many other functions like playing a song etc.
  6. The Now launcher enables fast searching of all the apps in the device or the Goggle play store.
  7. Suggestions can be given and this brings the app that is being searched from the exhaustive app list.
  8. The now launcher is part of the Google mobile service package and it has also been added to other launches like Nova launcher, action launcher etc.

Download from 9app –

Google has launched latest version in 2017 and this can be installed from the 9Apps site.