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Download Google Maps app from 9apps

Google Maps is a free mobile app used for location service with or without the GPS receiver,it is a mapping app developed by Google for information about locations. This app was launched in the 2008, September ( 7years ago) , and is available in many languages including Dutch, Chinese, French, English, Greek ,German,Italian and many more. This app is now able to support almost all type of operating software like IOS,Android,Windows,Blackberry,Palm OS etc. It is a GOS based, WLAN ,Wi-Fi based , and Cell transmitter based service.The ‘my location’ uses the GPS location of the mobile if it is available,my location asserts the users current location.

This app has a lot many feature to offer to its users amongst them only some are being stated as follows-


Navigation Assistant-it is used to get to the desired location if the user is not known by the directions of that place , the user can jus set the location they want to reach to through either English or Voice and the map will guide them through the way turn by turn.
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Download Map Area-this allows the users to download the basic road map and landmark data for an area up to 10 square miles, around any point ,even if the map is downloaded the user needs a Internet connection to view the 3D buildings,search for places and get directions ,this saves the users from higher data charges in the foreign countries.

Traffic View- this feature helps the users a lot by showing that at the way they are going through would have traffic jams or not and if there are any traffic jams then how much time it will take them to cross that traffic jam, this also gives users an alternative way to go to their destination if the time taking would be very high to cross those jams.
Offline Feature- this allows users to download a specific portion of the map in their device and is very suitable for places either the cost of Internet is very high or the speed of the net is slow or both the problems, users have praised this feature a lot as they can view the map later also.

Download Google Maps app from 9apps

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