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google hangout app, google hangout app downloadThe Google Hangouts is a communication platform developed by Google, about 6 years back. It is now used for free messaging, video chats and Voice over Internet. It is an enhancement come replacement for the earlier Google talk and Google plus. Many of the features of Google voice, the telephone service of Google has already been transferred to Hangouts. In the years ahead, Google has made it very specific that Google Hangouts will be a part of its future voice development platform. It would be the focal voice and video communication platform for Individuals and enterprises.

As of now in Hangouts, there are 2 major products offered i.e. Chat and Meet. The apps latest Android version has been released on May 2019, and the latest IOS version had been released on April of the same year. The Hangout sound is recognizable by its bell like clinging. Although the exact number of user detail about hangout is not known, it is estimated somewhere in the range of 600 million or so. In USA and Canada it has a large scale usage as the main platform for messaging and video chats but it is yet to become the lead player in Europe and Asian markets.

Features of Hangouts –

  1. The core functionality is of course instant messaging. The users can message one to one or   they can also chat as in a group of up to 10 people.
  2. Another main utility is the video calls. Up to 15 people can come on a common video chat. This feature is popular among enterprises in the USA region.
  3. Through the Hangouts on Air functions, live shows from YouTube and Facebook can be viewed or it can be recorded for a later viewing.
  4. The services can be used through the Gmail account or from the app in the Android or iPhone.
  5. All chat history is saved online and it can be synchronized.
  6. The extent to which a conversation has been read can be marked through something known as the “watermark”
  7. Along with conversation, emoji’s and stickers can also be uploaded.
  8. When having a conversation over Google Hangout’s, the photos can be uploaded and this gets stored in the Google plus album.
  9. Many aspects of the user interface are improved and controlled over the interaction. There is also synchronization between the participants and the opportunity to respond to various activities,
  10. Using the voice calling from the PC makes it very cheap over Google Hangouts. The calling in North American region is free while to the outside world, it is at very low rates.
  11. It combines and compiles the contact information in the easy to use manner.
  12. It is possible to connect Google Hangouts with Google voice account and have a seamless integration with SMS, Voicemail and the phone number. This is Unified Communication and ideal for enterprise level work efficiency.
  13. There are many safety and security features like permanent blocking. This is possible between 2 people and also in the group.
  14. The URL can be shared to invite others.

Download –

This message and video communication platform app can be downloaded from the 9Apps site to the Android and iPhone.