Gmail | Free download gmail app APK for android

Gmail | Free download gmail app APK for android
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Gmail is an easy to use email app that saves you time and keeps your messages safe. Get your messages instantly via push notifications, read and respond online & offline, and find any message quickly. It is a mail client produced by Google as a part of Google Apps at Saint Mary’s.

It was created by a man named Paul Buchheit .The only way new members could access Gmail was to b who you’ve emailed and chatted with most and which keywords appear e invited by a current user. It was launched on April 1st 2004, post which it was open to the public It is available in 72 languages with One Billion users ( as of February 2016) .  One has to be an registered user to access the account.

It became the first app on the Google Play Store to hit one billion installations on Android devices.

Features of the Application:

  1. An Organized Inbox: The Social and promotional messages are sorted into categories so you can read messages from friends and family first.
  2. Priority Inbox: Priority Inbox can help save you time if you’re overwhelmed with the amount of email you get. It attempts to automatically identify your important incoming messages and separates them out from everything else. It uses a variety of signals to prioritize your incoming messages, including who you’ve emailed and chatted with most and which keywords appear frequently in the messages you opened recently.

When you click the Priority Inbox navigation link on the left-hand side of your mail, you’ll see messages grouped gmail app, gmail app downloadin three sections: Important and unread, Starred, and Everything else.

If Priority Inbox mistakes an email as important or doesn’t flag one that’s important to you, you can teach it to make better selections. Just select the message in question, and click the “mark as important” or “mark as not important” button; they’re the buttons with plus and minus icons just to the left of the Move to and Labels drop-down menus.

When you mark a message as not important, it will move out of the Important Section. Over time Priority Inbox will learn what’s important to you and incorporate the feedback you give via these buttons.

  1. Importing Mail and Contacts: You can import mail and contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, or other webmail or POP3 accounts by going into your Settings and Accounts and Imports.
  2. Gmail Conversations: One other thing that might help get you feeling comfortable: Gmail threads related messages into conversations. This means if you send a message to your mom and she hits ‘reply,’ you’ll receive her message, threaded to the original message you sent her. If she replies again, the same conversation will bold; in other words, you won’t see two separate places to click in your inbox. All these messages will be kept in one place. If you don’t like the conversations view, you can opt out of it in the settings menu.
  3. More secure with HTTPS by Default: HTTPS encryption keeps your mail secure as it travels between your web browser and Gmail servers, so someone sharing your favorite coffee shop’s public wifi can’t maliciously read it. Banks and credit card companies use this same protocol to keep your online accounts safe. To protect your Gmail account, we’ve turned on the option to “always use HTTPS” for everyone. This added layer of security can make Gmail slower, so if you don’t use unencrypted wireless connections, you can choose to disable this option in your account Settings. Even if you change this setting, Gmail will always encrypt the login page to protect your password.
  4. Enabling Labs: Want to get started with Labs? You can do this in a few quick clicks. Sign in to Gmail and click Settings in the top right of your Gmail page. Select the ‘Labs’ tab and identify the labs you want to enable. Click the ‘Enable’ radio button to turn on a lab and click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page. Your page may refresh but after the refresh, the lab you just turned on will be available in Gmail.
  5. Using Labels: Labels do all the work folders do and give you an extra bonus: you can add more than one to a conversation. Once you’ve created a label, you can view all the messages with that label by searching, or by clicking the label name along the left side of any Gmail page. You can easily create, edit, and delete existing labels.
  6. Google Documents, spreadsheets and presentations: One of the most exciting features about Google Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations is that you to create these files and save them on Google’s website. Their secure, online website can be accessed from any Google’s website. Their secure, online website can be accessed from any computer once you sign in with your user name and password. In the event of a local hard drive crash, you won’t lose your saved information.
  7. Picasa Web Albums: Picasa 3 is Google’s free photo editing program. Photographs edited and stored in Picasa 3 can be uploaded to Picasa Web Albums for easy sharing and storage on the “cloud”. Google provides for 1 GB of free storage space. Additional space can be purchased for a minimal fee.

Download gmail app from 9apps

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