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This is a security app and it provides protection coverage to all your photos, pictures, videos stored in the gallery of the mobile phone.

The thing is that, all of us want to have some form of protection to the pictures in our gallery – Sometimes even from family members and near and dear ones. In a lighter vein it can be said that no husband would like to see some naughty pics that he has received from his friend’s gang. No teenage son or daughter would like to show their parents, some funny jokes or clips they are viewing – again in a lighter vein! On a more serious note, there is always sensitive or professional confidential information that cannot be viewed by one and all.

The great part about Gallery vault app is that it hides the very app icon and keeps the privacy   safe at all levels. All the images and videos can be imported into this vault and thereby kept safe from the outside world. For the user, it has a pleasing design and provides a smooth browsing experience.

The Gallery Vault is compatible with Android and IOS platforms.

Some of the features of the Gallery vault app –

  1. All files and photos are hidden and protected from all outsiders.
  2. These protected files are encrypted as well.
  3. It is not just the photos but even the app is hidden. Only the user knows about the existence of the app in the phone.
  4. With the help of Gallery vault, the necessary files so encrypted can be moved to the SD card and thereby phone storage space saved. This goes for all the platforms like Android, Marshmallow,   Lolipopp, Orea etc.
  5. Another great feature of the Gallery app is that it is well integrated with the private browser in the phone like chrome, UC and others … Thereby all image files and other videos can be placed into the web page with simple steps.
  6. There is no storage space barriers to put all the images and video files.
  7. It is easy to operate and equally easy to close the Gallery vault in a jiffy. Nothing much difficult about it.
  8. Privacy from top to bottom is of course there and at the same level, it is also easy to detect the persons breaking in. The app has a break in alert functions and so trespassers better beware!
  9. It is possible to hide and play GIF images with the help of the Gallery Vault app.
  10. By implanting a fake passcode, it enables viewing of fake content. This is another level of security function provided by the app.
  11. It also has a finger print recognition feature.
  12. The entire end user interface is smooth, seamless and enjoyable.

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