Funny faces | Free funny faces app APK for anroid

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funny faces app, funny faces app downloadImage suddenly your smartphone showing the face of your good friend and even your face in a rather funny and weird manner. This is certainly a light moment of live and is bound to bring a smile on your face. Now just go around and show this to ten others and let them also smile and laugh.

All this is thanks to Funny faces app and thanks to you and all those, having taken two minutes of your life to install this cool app to their mobile phones.

Life is so much about daily stress and this never ending rat race. So many responsibilities, so much to achieve and so little time left to get all that is wanted. This is true for everybody. All have their daily quota of toil, tension and stress and it has to be managed. So, there is nothing like some flashy smiles and hearty laughs to lighten up these days. The internet and the mobile app technologies have made this possible.

The name of the app itself is self-descriptive – Funny faces. It converts your or anyone else face into a funny and blustered look. It adds stickers like big and weird expressions, hat, caps, turbans, bows, glasses, beard, caps and every sort of face change. These are basically stickers put over the face. There is almost 18 such type of different stickers and all of them really give a funny look to the face.  You can try them one by one or all in one go. Depending upon your likes, select one and then see the changed effect.

It is a simple app and is actually a stress buster that will go a long way in bringing smiles to the faces and even health improvement. It is really a marvel, how simple apps can make so many changes to life.

Just see one the photos that has been changed through the funny faces app. Really Hilarious, isn’t it?  This is just one of them. Like these, almost 17 other possibilities are there and each one will bring a smile or a laugh in different ways!

Features of this app –

  • As told before, there are many categories of stickers and the users can surf between the different stickers and can try to get the various options. Enjoy fun unlimited through a combo of the human face and the digital stickers.
  • The stickers are one part of it. One can also edit the pictures and make the necessary changes in them through brightness, contrast, sharpness of the same. This apart, the colour can also be changed. That too in several ways, like for example, the colour of the face can be changed and so also the colour of the clothes.
  • After making all the changes now save them in the gallery for remembrance and future use. At the same time, this can be shared over the social media like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and shared with your close group.

Get it from 9 App –

Get this funny app from the 9Apps and store it on your smart phone without delay. Let this be your daily stress buster from today.