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The name about this app almost tells the utility of it also. It turns the flash of the mobile device into a torch when required. This means the usage is when the lights suddenly go and it becomes dark. The other situation for using it would be in scenarios like to search for small objects beneath the furniture. With the smart phone always next to you, it becomes so easy to use it as a flash light. No need to search for the torch.

Well that’s about the first part of it. Now if the flash light of the mobile can be switched on without actually searching for the settings button image how great things would be. This needs to happen just by clapping of the hands. Yes and that’s amazing! By just clapping of the hands, the smart phone gets activated or switched off. That’s what exactly the Flashlight app does for the user. Well it’s really useful that way.

It is an extremely user friendly app and a free app that works on all platforms including Android and IOS.

As much as simple this is to use, so much it is useful to everyone. It is estimated that almost 12,000 downloads of this app happens every month. It has, till date, more than 10 million downloads worldwide.

Features of the app –

  1. It has a sensor detection function. Through this, it senses the movement of its user and accordingly aligns the function in the manner that it wants them to understand. This is a feature that makes it user friendly and ability to run the app very smoothly.
  2. The app runs on the sound detection feature and thereby makes the functioning as a very intelligent app. As soon as the sound of the clap is heard, it gets activated and the next clap switches it off.  This sound intelligence makes it a must have possession that is helpful at needed times.
  3. There are no major settings or any such complicated steps in this app. In fact, people of all age groups can easily use this without much ado. They can utilize its effectiveness in every scenario when there is a requirement of the mobile being used as a torchlight.
  4. The latest updated version has ben released on June 25th 2019. It requires a version of Android 7.0 and above. The total storage is about 5.6 MB and does not occupy much space on the phone.

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