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This app gives al tips and guidelines about maintaining the best of the body health that keeps the body fit and fine and in the best of the shape. This app is a good help book for ensuring a life free from any sort of illness and every sort of ailment.

Lead a healthy and energetic life and full enthusiasm and vigour! This app is free and works on both Android and IOS platform.

In today’s times, no matter whatever is the level of competition at the professional aspect, it is necessary to maintain a healthy body and good fitness regime. Going about the daily life with an obese body and a flabby outlook is considered as good as neglecting the work life as well. At the same time, there have been many increasing cases of stress and sometimes these have been fatal also. All these points out to the necessity of focusing on the health part of life in a good manner.

In a good manner means going about in a systematic manner according to certain written down guidelines made by industry experts. There can be nothing better than digital technologies to guide people in this aspect. It is here that importance of Fitness plan app comes into picture.

Features –

  1. It plans out the daily diet chart. Everyone has a busy schedule and needs to adjust work and life and the food also has to be tailored according to that.  Again it is necessary to have slight variations every day else the diet can be pretty boring and even strenuous to follow.
  2. The app keeps a track of the daily calorie count in the body. It is very much important for all of us to know the calorie increase after every meal consumption and intake of any particular snacks and other tit bit foodstuffs. This calorie tracking helps to know when the cut off limit is reached.
  3. As soon as calorie exceeds, then regular exercise is required. The fitness plan app has the perfectly designed exercise routine for everyone. They are all simple exercises and can be done within the four walls of the home.  The methods and the time limit are explained in simple ways.

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