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Fitness plan is a free mobile app used for knowing all the tips and tricks that can keep you fit and keep you in shape and never lets you to be unfit. Being called unfit or obese is nothing less than an abusive word these days, all the people from through out the country are trying and want to be fit all the time and does also want to eat only healthy food but all this can not happen over night it is a mixture of hard word and good guidance that leads you to the success from the path of being fat to fit, as there is a difference of just a word between the two the surely the gap of a world between the meanings of the two. This app is available for almost all type of operating systems.

This app has many more features to offer to its users apart from this that can keep the users happy and fit all the time-

FEATURES-fitness plan app, fitness plan app download

Calorie counter– this feature lets you to count the number of calories that you intake during the day in a meal or in a food or type of food you just had that lets you to know that how much calories have to taken in and how much are left so that you can decide your meals according to that so you take only the amount of calories needed for daily use and nothing more than that.
Diet charts– this app also gives you a diet chart or a daily diet chart also to its users that also varies everyday because the app people understand that you can not have a same kind of food daily and you will ultimately get bored and leave your routine and fitness goals so they give you interesting and tasty diet charts that you can follow daily.

Routine exercise– this app also gives you daily exercises also that you can also do just sitting back at your home and don’t even have to hit the gym daily to do all that , these are very simple exercises and very effective also.

Install Fitness plan app APK download link from 9apps-

This is a amazing app for all the fitness freaks out there, if you really want to be in touch of being fit and never want to loose the track of fitness then this is just the app for you, also for the people who are beginners to this field for you robbing fig should be the prime objective but for that you will have to download this app now from our APK download link and start the race to fitness today itself..