Firefox addons that stops Facebook from tracking

Firefox addons that stops Facebook from tracking
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Do have Facebook fever always be on Facebook so this tool is very useful for you. This tool was launched by Mozilla fight against leaking of data. Recent news of live data licking by Facebook has gone up big scandal most of the Facebook user use to active and always update the status very frequently, what’s the like, what is going on in their life, where they are going to travel, booking a trip, and many more so facebook is a relate there recent update with the advertisement to be appeared on their Facebook feed.

The ad company who are using Facebook for promoting their brands and services use this data to track the real time access of user for the local Markets and according to their recent post and stress they provide ads likely to their Facebook page. It’s so irritating that the add start display continuous ad on facebook news feed.

How Mozilla prevent Facebook data theft?
To be safe in online especially on social media like Facebook you need to open your Facebook ID in Firefox private browser mode so that mozilla blocks ad and Packers in this section. And if you are using mobile then you have to add addons Facebook Containe in your Firefox browser to prevent facebook from tracking your activity from your mobile location IP address and your facebook status.