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Download facebook messenger app from 9apps

Facebook Messenger is a free mobile app used for instant messaging that provides voice and text communication with other users. This app was launched in August,2011 by David A Marcus when Mark Zuckerberg invited him to join Facebook .It is a collaboration app with Facebook web and is based on Chat feature. 1 million active users are being reported on this amazing chat app and is available on almost all operating systems like IOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. In 2015, it introduced a new video calling feature through which people could even talk face to face and was a grand success .

This is a very quick and easy app to stay connected to your contacts on Facebook easily through chatting etc with them, it has many features to offer to its users among them some are listed as follows-

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Chatbots-it supports chat box that enables you to make account through which you can interact with Facebook users on the go .It is a secure messaging app that lets users to connect with each other very easily.

Free Voice Calling – this feature helps the users to not only connect with each other though text messages but also through voice calls,specially for friends and relatives of users who are outside the geographical boundaries of our country can be connected very easily without any big ISD charges which was the biggest problem for many people when they wanted to communicate with people who are outside our country.

Group Calling- this is a amazing feature that also helps people call their loved ones in a group call ,one can add 50 people at one call which is a really big number and is also really good for masses of people who need to be in touch at the same time without any carrier charges.

Free Video Calling– not only free voice calls but this app also gives it users an ease to talk to their loved ones on video call , communicating face to face is the biggest advantage any user can get through this amazing app.
Secret Conversation- if one has done any business chat or any other personal chat then they can hide that chat and label them under secret conversation which will not be visible to any other person till the time they want .

Download facebook messenger app from 9apps

Facebook Messenger app is free on App Store and Play Store and takes only a few mega bytes to get installed in your phone ,so don’t waste time in thinking and download it now and stay in touch with your loved ones always but for that you need to download it now in your device from our APK download link.