Everytown sweet game download install – 2017

Everytown sweet game download :

Everytown sweet 2017 is an exciting and sweet combo adventure game which is offered to the users of android device free of cost and enable them to enjoy the fun of playing and solving this puzzle game. The best part of this brain teasing game is that the smart phones users can install it in a blink of an eye directly from 9apps store. In the gameplay, all you have to do is just meet everytown sweet cute and playful characters with the help of which you can rebuild the town for the residents as it was destroyed by wild boars.

Everytown sweet game download install - 2017

Take a look on the points mentioned as follows to understand the main highlights of this game so you can play it well-

1- There are many sweet and special mission offered in the app which you need to compile in order to restore the buildings.

2- In order to invite new chracters, you need to solve the puzzles.

3- The game is very addictive and interesting and the best part is that can be played by all irrespective of the ages of people.

4- To restore the buildings, the players can find the lost building plans which will help them to restore and rebuild the buildings fastly.

5- With every update, there are many new and free sweet capsules in the app which will make the game more interesting and exciting to play.

6- With the help of character packages, that players can purchase 3 characters and enjoy the same in the gameplay.

7- In the new version, up to 300 stages are opened as there are 40 new stages are added in the game.

8- The player is entitled to get rewards based on the performance or the puzzles solved by him.

9- You can view the position of your friends and other players of the game by clicking on the leaderboards and try your best to be on the top by beating all the friends and other players just by solving more and more puzzle levels.

Every town street game app APK download-

If you like this game app and wants to play then first of all you are required to download it in your device. To get it installed now, just click on the header or footer options and download it directly from download 9app through APK to enjoy the game anytime and anywhere on the move by switching to the offline mode..