Etheme | Free download etheme app APK for android

etheme app, etheme app downloadThis is an App that locks up all other apps in the device. This helps to enhance the speed of the device. Many times, the apps and its continuous usage can slow down the mobile.  Some of the apps, we install knowingly and sometimes they are forced on the mobiles due to the constant advertisements. This app will work on any platform and any mobile, but it is recommended to be more used for Android mobiles. The major plus point of this app is that much or almost all the work it does by itself.

Another important function of this app is to change the wallpapers and themes of the mobile. There are many options and choices given here. So the Etheme is an app that gives 2 different types of utility functions both of which are totally unrelated. However both have their own utility.

Features of the Etheme app –

  1. There are several designs on the home screen and this gives it an elegant and professional look. It gives it that extra punch and adds- on. These designs include the UX and the UI models.
  2. Create your own themes with many good looking and enriched themes to select from. Let the creativity come out in the best form! These are supported by several thousand cool looking and stylish wallpapers. All this happens in a very simple and easy manner. The user can select from any of these themes available via this app.
  3. There are almost 200 plus creative fonts in order to mix and match with the various themes. For creative minded people, this is never ending tasks at hand.
  4. Ease the storage function of the phone by controlling app space and managing the app functioning. Many of the unwanted apps are locked or pushed to the background. It enhances phone performance by almost two and half times. It does an app prioritisation and this not only saves times for the user but also makes for better phone memory and functionality usage.
  5. There is a lock screen facility through which users can lock their screen. This is done through a well-designed and stylish method. The device uses the typical security pin to lock and unlock and thereby preventing everybody and anybody to peep into the mobile. This locking feature can have its own fun element as well. There are many types of animations to put the lock!
  6. There are many widgets on the home screen. These act as the inbuilt and necessary tools for the everyday needs. This includes the weather, utility bar, screen brightness, GPS, Wi-Fi and other help functions.
  7. The search functionality of this app is very much useful and trend based. Support search is an inbuilt feature.

Get the Etheme from 9App –

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