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erail app, erail app downloadThe erail app is the official Indian railways booking app for train journeys across the country. This is a free mobile app and works on all smart phone platforms like Android. IOS, Windows.

These are the days of the paperless travel booking. It is also the era of the online travel booking. Almost every mode of transport, whether it is train, bus or flight is booked online. There are a plethora of options for each one of them.  It goes without saying that booking the railway ticket was the most daunting task of all. Sometimes it could take up more than half a day. In metro cities like Mumbai and New Delhi, during festive or school holiday season, people would reach as early as 5 am to stand in the queue, so as to increase chances of getting a confirmed ticket.

Now, there is no need to worry about all that. No need to stand for hours in a queue and wait for the number in the form to be displayed. Then ask the person at the counter, the various trains for the different routes. Sometimes the staff at the counter gets irritated and refuses to answer.

Say goodbye to all this with the Erail app. Now book Indian Railway tickets on the go, even when moving from home to office or doing some other work. It just takes a few minutes. All the options are there in front of you and all that is required is to select the dates and then go ahead. It is not just rail ticket booking through this app. All the required information regarding Indian Railways travel can be obtained through the Erail. This includes checking on the PNR status, checking on train timings, the live and running trains status, the fare details, the train time table. In the enquiry section of Erail, the details of how to check on train timings are given.

The Erail app also gives the route details between 2 different stations. Through this, it details the total station between the source and the destination.  This also includes the timings in which the train will arrive at each station.

One of the main objective of the Erail app is to reduce the burden on the IRCTC online booking site as it heavily used for most part of year and especially so during holiday and other travel season timings. This heavy internet traffic sometimes makes the web page and the app unresponsive.

Features of the Erail booking app –

  1. The Erail gives the seat availability status in advance. If the traveller has selected the date and the train, it gives the current availability position. Depending upon the status, the booking person can decide to go ahead or not.
  2. Refund is possible for all the tickets booked whether it is confirmed or Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC). This will be as per the Indian Railways rule. They can check it out on the rule section of the Erail.
  3. It is possible to check the live status of all running trains by going to the inquiry section. The details are given.

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Download the Erail app from the 9Apps digital site and help Indian railways through paperless booking.