English Grammar Test | Free download English grammar app APK for android

English Grammar Test | Free download English grammar app APK for android
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Download English Grammar test app from 9apps

English Grammar Test is an stupendous app which is offered to the people world wide who find it difficult to read, write or speak in english. For those people this grammar test app is one of the best and most helpful way to ameliorate the knowledge in English grammar. The app has stunning minimalist design and clear user interface which make it easy to test your english language skills. With the help of this amazing app, you will make yourself perfect for the intermediate level. The app contains several tests which is broadly classified into two levels and each of the level contains 30 tests with 20 exercises.

In each test, each question is a part of a certain unit out of 20 english grammer units and by giving those test you will see in which units of grammer you are good at and which units needs more practise and efforts by your side.
Also, when you make a mistake in a particular question then the app explains you the reason why your answer was not right and rectifies your answer with the due explanation.


Following are the features of the app that enables you to work with more confidence, just take a glance on the belowenglish grammar test app, english grammar test app download mentioned lines-
There area a total of sixty tests and 1200 english exercises available for you to practise more and more.
Every test contains twenty units of english grammar.
Explanations are so easy and simple that allows you to get the point of them instantly.
Total score and progress analytics is also available to know where you stand.
Beautiful design and clear user interface that enables you to work more effectively.
Every single topic of grammar is included in the app in order to clear the basics. For instance- Word Order, Articles, Present Tenses, Past tenses, Future tense, Passive voice, Model Verbs, Phrasal Verbs, Irregular verbs, Pronouns, Adjectives, Adverbs, Relative Clauses, Noun Plus Preposition, Nouns, Conditionals, Reported speech, Gerund, Infinitives, Confusing words, Linking words, Expressing hypothetical meaning, Word Formation. 

English Grammar Test APK download from 9apps-

If you want to learn or improve your english then this is the perfect app for you. To download it now in your android phone now, click on the header or footer options of our web site and get the free learning app directly into your device through APK. So install it now and take several test to know where you are are and where you want to reach..