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This is another app, wherein the name of the app itself tells everything about the purpose.  Yes, it is all about having easy and comfortable shopping through the online app. Since the coming of e-commerce portal sites about 16 years back, the very concept of shopping has changed. It has become so much simplified and easy for people to shop by sitting in the comfort of their homes. On top of that, unlimited products to browse and many ways to check out the best prices, easy delivery option etc. So much of time and effort save.

With every passing year, more of such shopping apps and portals have come, giving many more benefits like higher deals and discounts, varied product range, seasonal and even yearlong offers. You name it and it’s there! The end effort is to pull as many customers as possible and keep them happy. Not just through good pricing but backing through efficient services and delivery systems.

The easy shopping app is one such and it is attuned totally towards giving the best to the customer. A total smooth and hustle free as well as non-stressed way of buying. It is non-stressed since it does not clash with the user’s daily schedule timing nor is it a very complicated app to pick and choose the products. So just like the name, accordingly is its functionality – totally easy from start till end.

It is a free app and runs on all the smart phone platforms and this includes Android and IOS as well. Any phone having Android version 4.0 and above is fine to run this app.

Features: Let us now take a look at the simplistic features of this app that has made shopping so easy for many a people.

The easy shopping is all about making buying easy by classifying the shopping items into various categories. This makes the entire process of selecting and sorting very easy.

The shopping list can now be prepared in a very easy manner and also can be shared via the medium of other networking apps. There is nothing to worry about it (by hearing all thus). Selection is very simple. Just type the item required and presses enter. The app functionality will do the rest of the sorting.

Like any shopping app, there is a wide variety of products and their different brands. This is in terms of its size, colour, design, product pattern, functionality, add – on features, availability, delivery time frame… There is no dearth of options. The users can chose the best and get the best.

Equally easy is the delivery aspect. The app has ensured that its customers get the products at the earliest and without any issues. Normally, most of the products that have been shopped are delivered within a few working days and if it is back to back, then a couple of days more.

There are many easy modes of payment and this includes debit or credit card, net banking as well as cash on delivery.

Download from 9App –

With so many easy features, there should not be any delay in downloading this from the 9Apps site.