Dropbox | Free download dropbox app APK for android

Dropbox | Free download dropbox app APK for android
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Dropbox is a free mobile app used for sharing and storing photos and videos under private security,these photos and videos no more than exists in the device gallery and are being locked with personal pin to safe guard the matter.This app was launched by Chris Lee in the year 2014 ,April (2 years ago) . Dropbox Carousel is a photo,video management app offered by this app and is available for almost all type of operating software like IOS,Android ,Web etc. Photos etc are organised by Date,Time and Event and are backed up on Dropbox.

This is a really useful app and a dedicated experience for photos and videos and a reliving space for personal memories.Users saved more than 600 million photos and videos in a year after this amazing app was launched.
This app offers many relevant features for its users from which some of them are mentioned as follows-


Carousel-it is a online portal for managing the photos and videos stored in this app. It stores,saves,manage and dropbox app, dropbox app downloadorganize photos and videos in this app.
Space against other online photo storage services- other online photo storage services like Googles google photo sharing, Apple’s iCloud and Yahoo’s flickr etc are the things it competes with which use device space and memory whereas Dropbox doesn’t use it.
Free Local Storage– this app free the local storage of your device which enables you to store more of your data in your device ,you can just store your previous photos and videos in this amazing app and free the local memory of your phone and be ready to click some more or your memories.
Flashback– enabled by default it is a feature that pops up your past photos and videos taken the same day a year or some years back. This feature also uses an algorithm to identify human faces resulting in greater likelihood of the owners pictures or people in owners close circle showing up.
Scrollable Timeline-this feature was earlier called scroll wheel , this helps the user to drag the photos to a specific date with a finger swipe ,it is present at the bottom of the app.

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