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With mobile application Buying, Renewing and comparing of General Insurance like Health Insurance, Two Wheeler Insurance, Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance etc. are now avail at one click

Insurance app develop by General insurance company make the customer flexible while choosing the plans and best coverage for his family one can chose according to the budget and maturity status. What you need is to download insurance app in your mobile and use the username and password provide by the company you can buy/renew your policy online at any time and from any place.

Download Insurance APK from 9apps

1.Insurance apps is Integrated with social media login you can login by using registered user which you have provide at the time of new account.

  1. renewal process are divide in 3 easy step.

3.the apps are design in such a manner that anyone can easily navigate

4.bug fix and secure transaction process.


Updated : 12-oct-16

Size : 16M

Installs : more than 300,000 users

Current Version  : 2.56

Requires :  Android 4.0 and up

Content Rating : 3+

Insurance Type : generally insurance are of three types

  1. Life Insurance: this type of policy coverage risk of only the death benefit. Whereas the endowment of money will be given in two case either death or maturity. Suppose that in a family member the father earn Rs 30,000 per month and he have taken life insurance and somehow he died now the family member need Rs 30,000 still for their survival and this amount will be paid by the life insurance company
  2. General Insurance : it’s also called a non-life insurance as its deals with house, health, land, office, cargo, etc. supposed that a person has taken General insurance of car and his car get accident then the company will change the parts of the  car.
  3. Re-Insurance : The type of insurance where the insurance company will take insurance from the other company is called reinsurance.

Amicable society for a perpetual assurance founded in 1706 in London is considered to be the first life insurance company in the world.

History of Insurance in India

In 1818 the foreign company has started life insurance in India with the establishment of the Oriental Life Insurance company in Calcutta set by british.

In 1850  Triton Insurance Company Ltd was set by British it was the first general insurance company in Indian.

The first Indian life Insurance company “Bombay mutual assurance society ltd. was formed in 1870 in Mumbai.

National Insurance Company is the oldest existing insurance company in India which was founded in 1906, and is still running its business.

Insurance Act, 1938: to regulate the insurance sector and framework to operate industries was passed in 1938 in British India.

To stop allegations of unfair trade the government of India, has decide to nationalize insurance business know as Insurance Amendment Act of 1950

In 1956 the nationalizing of the Life Insurance sector and life Insurance corporation absorbed 245 insurance company In one.

Download Insurance Apps

The insurance app is available for all version of mobile software like windows phone, smart phone, tablet .  Google android or apple’s “IOS” etc. firs you need to download 9apps in your mobile for safe downloads of apps.

Why use 9apps?

9apps is one of the most trusted mobile apps sites from where we can download apps for free without any virus.  Internet is a high risk platform when we download any file with untrusted website then its 100% chance to get malware or Trojans with your apps which may damage your phone or system.