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Today its easier to chat with friends and stay conected to them anywhere and anytime. Facebook proides a platform to do this.

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  • We can now connect with friends on social media
  • We can update our status and use fb emoji to express ourself
  • Photo sharing and memories can be interchanged easily
  • Posts notification and liking and sharing of photos and videos can be done on it
  • Anyone can organize a meeting or event for a good cause
  • Games can be played with friends
  • Photo albums can be maintained for future reference
  • News about celebrities and companies can be found anytime
  • Local businesses can be shared with the people without hard effort
  • Fb marketplace helps us to find products to buy or sell
  • Live videos can be viewed anywhere

Facebook not only helps in staying connected, but does more than that. It also helps in storing and sharing of photos and we can keep them private and public as per our wish.

Facebook helps in getting news about our favourite celebrities and businesses and sports etc. we can also get live streaming of videos and feeds that we can share with anyone we wish.

Th features of facebook are available on the apps also. We can write on the timeline, browse people, editing of profiles and groups. The beta tester will be launched in 2019.

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