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9Apps is a free app stores which has heaps of apps for your android device. In today’s online world when kept on a par with other app stores 9Apps is found to be a pretty good app, active enough to serve the requirements of the users. Everything, each and every app is so well codified into separate sections that all the time you browse through it, you do not have to face any inconvenience. Its main motive is to serve as a recommendation application. 9Apps,an application store which has no match for, can bump up your online services and is really prepared for the users who love to get updated with newest things on the internet.

The loads of apps it offers gives you an easy opportunity to get what you want within a short span of time. You seriously do not have to end up with 10-20 tabs opening and loops of ads popping up all the time you try to look for something. It straight away provides what you are looking for and will offer you suggestions which you’ll love to look for further. The very moment you will install this mini app with mega offers you won’t find any need for scouting, surveying and digging for required apps that too after tackling numerous useless apps and suggestions.

An easy, uncomplicated and whistle-stop application that allows you to find applications to develop featuring of your mobile .Latest gaming trends ,the burning topics of social media, just-out news and stack of other applications is all you will be regularly updated with. Something that is really complimentary about 9Apps is that it actually increases the speed of your download. It powers-up the speed and therefore shortening the length of the download and saves time as well. What as well makes 9App above the rest is that it is all clean, it does not harms the user’s device in any manner, either minor or major. In this all the applications are tested and before uploading it is made sure that later on you don’t have complains about malwares and virus.

Features of 9Apps are nothing but simply second to none, don’t you trust, just like Google Play Store ,it eats up to 65 Mb of the internal storage which is really annoying whereas 9apps hardly costs up to 7-10 Mb and even works efficiently. The advantages doesn’t ends up here, also 9Apps is freely available to all android versions i.e. from 2.1 éclair to 7.0 Nougat.

9Apps,therefore, presents before you over +10000 apps waiting for you to download install that too without any restriction or permission.

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Version: 3.0.1
Requires : android 2.3 or higher
Size: 1.54 Mb
Downloads: 86852
Category: browsing
License: free

Oh yes! Users it is, time to give it a try and see what’s hot and hike around.

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