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Despicable Me :Minion Rush is a very interesting and popular fun video game developed by GameLoft in Despicable Me franchise. Over 750 million people play this fun game enjoy earning titles. You have to rush with cute animated minions and end becoming favorite endless runner, Despicable Me. You have to collect bananas as you jump, roll, dodge and scramble against others in fun filled , speed up missions with others minions. Get awesome costumes, play exciting mini games and explore locations inspired by the Despicable Me movies.


Play the game by controlling a minion -either Dave, Carl or Jerry and compete with other minions in the race games and speed up while playing. As the minion runs, there are three lanes on track and you can collect bananas floating on the tracks by controls using left and right. You have to avoid obstacles and attacks from bosses unless you have power ups and you even get prize when you collect all the fruits in a Jelly Lab machine.

It allows you to play in different modes such as Jelly Lab mode, Global events mode, Special mission modedespicable me app, despicable me app download and Races mode.

Minons race in wide variety of locations such as Gru’s lab, residential area, minion park, Pier 12, the pyramids, the mall etc.

Power ups are available only in certain locations and can be attained during special missions such as snowboards in Arctic base only, Motocrosses in The volcano only etc.


There are mainly two types of characters in the Game –

Minions in different costumes and abilities –Dave-singer minion, astronaut, knight, golfer, boxer, baby etc. then Carl –beehive hat, carnival hat, santa hat and Jerry –beekeper hat, carnival and santa hat.