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Cool wallpaper is a free mobile app used to download and put new new wallpapers on your devices, there is a wide variety of wallpapers available in this app from which the users can choose and put accordingly to what they like the most. Wallpapers are one thing that every person sees at the very first when they open their device so every one wants to put a really nice wallpapers that is also a lot of their liking so everytime the open their device they feel happy and good after seeing that. This app provides a number of options from which the users can choose and select from.

This app has many more features to offer to its users amongst which some are being stated as follows-

FEATURES-cool wallpaper app, cool wallapaper app download

Categories– there are a number of categories available for the users in which a number of wallpapers are kept in each category specifically so that users get a lot of options to try from them and with which they can play and choose and can also change the wallpaper daily also.
Live wallpapers- there is also the availability of the live wallpapers also in this app, live wallpapers means the wallpapers in which the objects also move and you can also burst or shake the device to burst or move the objects when you want and you can also play with them in your free time.
Girly wallpapers- there is a wide range of girly wallpapers also available in this app that gives that pink girly look to a number of wallpapers kept in this category and also all the related stuff to girls like dresses, make up etc things that the girls like the most precisely wallpapers related to that also are available here.

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This is a really cool and amazing app for almost all type of users of all age types, every user can take full advantage of this amazing app, who doesn’t likes putting cool wallpapers on their devices and this is exactly what this app has to offer to you, so don’t think much this is not something to be thought over and please download this app fast from our APK download link now..