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There is nothing like good looking wall papers to decorate your devices. The most pleasing thing in the day is perhaps a good wall paper on the mobile device. It lightens and brightens the entire day and can make you mentally happy. Now there are apps that with a multitude of wallpaper design. The Cool wallpaper is one of the best apps and as the name itself suggests, there are many cool designs to select from.

Ever thought that wall papers could bring about so much of change in daily in daily life? Yes it does! Small things matters in life and can bring about a lot of happiness.

The cool wallpaper app gives near to about 1000 plus handpicked designs to select for the device. Flaunt it with your friends and relatives and enjoy. And apart from this huge design collection, there are almost 70 different categories to select from. These include nature, romantic scenes, animals, technology, dazzling cities, fantasies, sci-fi and many more… For all ages and all groups, there will be a design according to their tastes and preferences.

There have been ten million downloads of this app so far and that is a pretty big number!

There are new features and designs being added every day. After some time, you will find more exciting pics and add on. Sometimes there feels like so much difficulty in making the right choice because of too many options. In such times, the favourite option of the app puts the selected wallpaper to be looked on for another day and gives a new set of designs.

All the pictures are finalized and approved by the internal app development team. This means only the best, and that too HD wallpapers, go into the app.

Ultimately listening is one thing and seeing believes. So go ahead and download this “cool” app and experience things for yourself.

The app is compatible on the mobile platforms of Android and IOS. The latest updated version 9.4 has been released on July 2018. For Android phones, the minimum version requirement is 4.4 and above.

(Note – the app needs to download image data when the user is browsing specifically for a certain type of design. Hence it is recommended that Cool Wallpapers app is used on a Wi-Fi network. This prevents data usage allowances.)

Features of the Cool wall paper

  1. There is a vast and exhaustive list of designs. The user can see for themselves, the popular designs and the latest designs to come into the app.
  2. Connect to social media through Facebook, Instagram ,Twitter and share the images. Let other also know about this app and share the joys of beauty.
  3. The app has the cropping features for the wallpaper images. This can be used to fit into the device.
  4. The favorite wallpapers can be saved for a later day.
  5. The update version release has features like bug fixes, removal of unused libraries, faster browsing.

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This is one really good and the latest version is available in 9Apps site for downloading.