Cooking Yaad restaurant game download install

Cooking Yaad restaurant game download install
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Cooking Yaad restaurant game download install from 9apps :

Cooking yard restaurant is one of the popular cooking game in which the player is required to cook delicious dishes on his own and decorate the restaurant so that the customers find it attractive and come to the restaurant and order the food. In the game play, you can combine various ingredients and make more than hundred dishes for your customers in a unique way which tastes yummy as well. In the game your aim should be to serve more and more customers so you can earn more money and use it in decorating your restaurants and buy new items. In this amazing game, there are many levels of cooking right from the business to the ones who are master in the game so that everyone can enjoy this game according to their difficulty level. This game download from 9apps .

Cooking Yaad restaurant game download install
Following are the main features of cooking yard restaurant which describes its highlights so you can play it well and solve all the levels-

1- Make the delicious fast food write from hot dog and burger to other amazing and tasty dishes by using the recipes of famous cooks from all over the world.

2- The player is also required to own and manage the restaurant along with cooking as he is not only the cook but also the owner of the restaurant you need to manage everything.

3- In the restaurant, there is a coffee world where you can sell the best coffee of every kind from cappuccino to expresso which is considered as one of the tastiest treat in this cooking game.

4- Discover the new way to bake Pizza is there your clients will choose the ingredients that they like the most as there are lot of toppings to choose from and then you can make pizza for them according to their choice.

5- The customers will also get muffins and cupcakes in the restaurant in their favourite flavour as these things are generally like to by the kids most and it is available here so the person of every age can enjoy coming in this restaurant.

6- There are many other different restaurants available and with every upgrade, some new restaurants gets added into the game so that the player can enjoy playing the game and get the fun to a great extent.

Cooking Yaad restaurant game app APK download from 9apps –

This amazing game is available free of cost and the Android user can download it anytime and anywhere on the move so he can enjoy the real time experience of cooking and managing the restaurant and showcase his chef skills. If you also like this game and wants to download it now then just click on the header or footer options and download 9Apps through APK..