Cookie Crush match game download install

Cookie Crush match game download install
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Cookie Crush match game download install from 9apps :

Cookie Crush match is a popular and very addictive online match 3 puzzle game app in which the player is required to just swap and crush as many cookies as he can in order to clear all the levels and succeed in the long run. Today this amazing app which is installed by millions of users worldwide is getting immense popularity and can be easily installed free of cost from 9Apps Store so that you can download it with great ease and entertain yourself by solving the puzzles anytime and anywhere on the move. In the game play, you have to just take the journey of this Cookie Crush match game download installadventurous Candy Kingdom and crush the levels to get top on the leaderboard. All you have to do is move and match 3 or more candies of the same type and burst them with each other in order to earn the points. In addition to this, if you perform well in the game then you will be entitled to get many prizes and other rewards which will help you to make special cookie combinations so that you can boost up your experience with awesome power ups.

Here are some of the key features of cookie Crush match game app, just take a look-

1- There are thousands of exciting and colourful puzzle levels which you can play and enjoy.
2- Explore the wonderful places of the cookie world and Discover thousands of fun giving level which are filled with vivid colours, great puzzles, bonuses and much more.
3- Every level comes with new target and you have to achieve the same in order to move forward or reach to the higher levels.
4- There are many enchanting worlds which you can explore and enjoy the game with full fun and excitement to solve all the puzzles.
5- The players can also keep an eye on all the updates as the app undergone with several updates and comes with new features and amelioration in the existing ones.
6- In order to create a greater explosion, you have to connect to special items which you will get so many points at once.
7- You can also get colourful rainbow bomb by matching 5 sweet candies in a row and when you much 5 candy treats in an L or T shape then you will get special bomb which will explode all the items around it.

Cookie Crush match game app APK from 9apps download

If you like this game then download it now free of cost by clicking on the header or footer options and install it directly from 9Apps through APK to enjoy the over lasting fun anytime and anywhere on the move..