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Comics are the medium for all the human to show their views,ideas and to promote their internal feelings through their reading. It is very popular and vast medium for all. Comics signifies the internal human’s expressions. Comics is the medium which meant for everyone. This is not only for adult but it also widely famous among children. Comic reading is the best time pass for everyone. It decreases the sense of boringness among the people. There are vivid topics of comics but main motive for a comic writer is that comic should be entertaining.

9app downloads Comics

9app downloads Comics

The comics are widely meant for kids. Kids are very fond for the comic reading. They love to read comic. They inspire with the characters characterized in the scenes and also act like them which help them to be fit mentally and improve physical fitness also.

Features- the main features of comic are that it should be entertaining and have posses the criteria to be famous. It’s topic should be eye catching. People admire its topic and content. It should create great interest among readers. It should be carry morality also. In total we can say that it should be the sum of entertainment.

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