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CNN app is a free mobile app used to get daily updates and news that are being displayed on the CNN news channel on their phones very easily. This app is available for almost all type of operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows, etc. This app provides a lot of other things rather than providing that regular news like we can also update things that we see in our day to day life’s on this app very easily by making the video of the acts that happens and just simply uploading it on this app jut Ina matter of few simple steps.

We can also share the news that we liked and want to share also through our other social networking sites like Facebook,Twitter, Instagram etc very easily by sharing the link also. Not only the news of our country but users can also get to know about the news from around the globe any time with the help of this app, there are no geographical boundaries than with te help of this app now.

Not only all this but all the other programs that are been done on the CNN news channel can also be accessed by this app like the astrology programs, etc. Also, the views can get access to the breaking news very easily and if agreed to it then they can also get notifications of the breaking news or the important news with the help of this app.

This app has many more features that are very useful for the users that are being stated as follows-
IReport- this is report that is been generated by the CNN news that displays the text, news, on-demand, photos, videos, audios, etc are been placed in this app in a very classified form that the users find it very easy to know about the same and the facts that not all the persons do get the time to read all the news of the day so keeping this thing in mind this feature is being launched through which they can get a short view of the things that has happened in and around the world very easily and comfortably.
Radio- users can also have access to the different radio channels that are already existing in our world with the help of this app which also a source of entertainment for the ones who don’t have other entertainment sources in their life’s so no need for them to get bored just open this app go to the radio section and have fun listening to your favourite songs on the go.

Download CNN app from 9apps

Weather reports- this app also give weather reports of all the areas of the country on your screen and does not 2miss any part of the country about the same so if the user is from Kashmir or from Kanyakumari he would not Miss upon his weather conditions if he has this app installed in his device.
Localization news- sometimes people have a habit of reading newspapers that are localised to know about the things that are being happened in their local areas so this app also caters to that need of the users as it also provides with the news of those newspapers also that give only the local news so if you want to know what’s going on in your city so then also just go to the localised section of this APK and get to know about the local news also and get updated about all the world including your own area.

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In today’s world it is very important for everybody to be updated about what’s happening around them which the newspapers and the news channel do by providing us with the news of the same but not all have the time to read newspapers of watch TV to get to know about the news but now you can still get to know if you download this app to your device from our APK download link , don’t think much and download this app now from our APK download link now..