cm security antivirus applock APK free download for Android

cm security antivirus applock APK free download for Android
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CM Security App lock is a very amazing and an excellent tool especially designed for all devices of Android and Tablets. This app is empowered by local and cloud engines in order to incur protection on the devices to overcome all threats. CM Security App is accessed to scan a user’s whole system, such as SD cards, also new applications assisting along with their updates provided. Thus this scanning procedure begins to schedule at any time and can easily be controlled in a remote manner via through the website given to the user. Even if the device seems to be lost, it can be very well found out through Google Maps and capture a photo of the intruder’s repetition, also through the access of remote too by setting off an alarm the device can be well controlled. This CM Security is an app accessing with an excellent functioning of anti-malware engine, blocking of the call features and the access of a link to Clean Master in order to erase off all the unnecessary files from your Android.

cm security antivirus applock APK free download for Android

This app assists with 2 types of antivirus analysis such as one for the app system and the other for the contents on the SD card. The analysis of the first type is quicker and faster and ends up within a second. And Scanning the SD card depends on the total data present and thus it may acquire more or less of time based on the card. The engine of this app is beautiful and neat. After the completion of the scanning done, a report generates the status of the device. And in case the device is infected with a certain malware then the program will provide more information such as the installation date, virus name and the detection of the malicious actions taken place. The actual interface of the device clears off all the unnecessary files. So before, get the download t=done, have a look at its awesome features below.


Given below are certain awesome features of CM Security App Lock take a llok at them

  1. App Lock: This app is featured with the locking system through which you can simply stop all those people who are trying to access your device and various other selected apps incurred in it.  
  2. Black List:  Blocking of all unwanted calls and adding them to the black list of number in order to block them
  3. Super easy and Simple: This app is very easy to be accessed even by those  who are very not that much experienced in it
  4. Simple User Interface: It is very simple, neat and pretty in design.
  5. Scanning Speed: This app provides good protection from various other threats and the speed of scanning too is superb.


Therefore, to ensure complete protection on your Android device and Tablets, get the instant download of this app on your device from the app store of 9apps through the file of APK and attain immediate direct installation without any worries as the app is absolutely free of cost.