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Cartoon camera is a free mobile app used to click your pictures in a cartoonish and funny way. This is a world of a lot of tension so we don’t think of spending a little time on making ourselves chill and relax a bit, and laugh a bit and find life a bit easy and enjoyable.This app is a stress reliever and basically what it does is add the cartoonic effects to your or your friends, family members, pictures on them like to give them that funny and cartoonish look. You can also try to add some stickers in one go and see what makes it the most funniest of all.

This app has many more features to offer to its users among which some are being stated as follows-

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Different type of cartoons-there are many cartoons used in this app and many different categories of it also. The users can choose between all these widely available option of them and enjoy and have fun with the pictures.
Edit picture- users can also increase or decrease the brightness, sharpness, contrast etc of the pictures too with the help of this app that makes them look more funny or stomach aching.
Save and share- not only editing but users can also save the pictures they edited and use it later on, not only this but they can also share the pictures on your social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

Install Cartoon camera app APK download link from 9apps-

This is a very funny app to try and why not to try it with your own pictures , apart from this you can also play pranks with others by doing some editing on their pictures and then sending it to them and making fun and having a good time enjoying but for doing all this amazing stuff you need to first download this app from our APK download link now..