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This is a calendar mobile that gives all the details about dates and events and days and basically everything that helps one to plan out the year. Just like the normal calendar.

Through this mobile app, now get to know the dates of the festival, other major events, upcoming holidays, planning out travel, check on days of the dates and much more…. The first thing that everyone does when the new year starts is to buy a new calendar or the quintessential New Year dairy. (of course, many of us get it free also as gifts from friends and relatives and even from the offices where we work).

Now no need to do all that.  Just download this free mobile app and browse and use it a ready reckoner while on the go, in any place and throughout the day.

This mobile app can be downloaded and run on Android and IOS.

Features of the app –

Every calendar gives the dates of the current year. This goes without saying. But in this particular app, it gives the dates and the day details of all the previous years and also the upcoming years. So now, if someone wants to know about a particular date in 1998, this it is possible. Through this feature, people can track events and incidents of yesteryears.

Another big assistance from the My Calendar app comes through the Holiday tracker. There is a holiday column featured in the app. It marks the entire national holiday list. By knowing this, the entire holiday planning can be done for the year. Just note down what is the upcoming date of the particular holiday and plan accordingly.

It is a lightweight app and does not take much space on the mobile phone. The user can rest assured about their phone internal storage not being being eaten up.  It’s great on having this app and then preserving the device space as well.

The app is perfect for creating all forms of events and reminders. The reminder can be set for a particular activity. At the set time, it reminds the user of the task or activity to be completed. So there is no chance of any planning going haywire.

The perfect companion wherever one travels. None of the non-digital calendars are portable. The dairy or the planner is heavy to carry.

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