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You Tube is one of the most popular video sharing web site in the world. There is hardly anyone who has not heard of You Tube. There is hardly anyone in the Internet sphere who has not used You Tube. Across the five continents it is one of the most browsed sites on the internet. There are movies, sports events, political meetings, discussions and seminars, global meets, conferences, TV serials, reality shows, election campaigns, any other local or regional event, even a family gathering  … it’s all there in the You Tube video. In fact it is the most popular video search engine. Just go to the site, type the topic or the person and you will find some form of video clipping about it.

The company has its headquarters in San Bruno, California, USA. It was started in the year 2005 by three entrepreneurs namely Javed Karim, Steve Chad and Chad Hurley. They created this video service platform and from the very first day there was no looking back.  The company was taken over by Google within a span of one i.e. somewhere in 2006 end. This was due to the soaring usage and popularity that it achieved within a single year of the service starting up. The site allows users to both upload and download video content. The content loaded within it may be short 1 minute clips to entire movies and complete matches. Since the last one decade many other video sharing platforms have come up across the world, but the usage base of You Tube still remains by and large far ahead of others.

Some general features of You Tube –

  1. The You Tube platform can be uploaded with videos of all types as long as they are not objectionable or offensive in any way. This can be a 50 second clip or a there hour video,
  2. Users can watch as well as upload 3D videos. It can be viewed in several way including 3D glasses worn by users.
  3. The viewers can put comments on the video uploaded by the users or for any video, movie, clip, documentary etc. These comments are displayed at the bottom part of the screen.
  4. You Tube is the perfect platform for launching of talents like song, dance, acting and other cultural abilities. Many young children teens have become stars after hosting their talent videos on You Tube
  5.  Once a video is viewed, on the right side of the screen other videos will come which will be similar to the main video. In this way, it becomes a search engine for the user.
  6. It is possible to download You Tube through apps like Tube Mate. Once it is downloaded in video format it can be watched offline.
  7.  You Tube has free as well as paid services. The You Tube red is a premium subscription service. It helps users to stream content to advertise free streaming access to exclusive content.

You Tube app APK download –

Most of the Android mobiles have this app, but in case not there, then it can be downloaded from the 9Apps store in just a matter of seconds.

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