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TrueCaller is a free mobile app used as a Caller ID recogniser ,Telephone Directory,Crowdsourcing,Spam blocker ,which helps its users in a varied form by identifying the unknown numbers identity closely.It is developed by True Software Scandinavia AB and it was launched in the year 2009 and supports almost every type of operating system like IOS,Windows,Android etc.

In September 2012 , it had reached up to 5million users with 120 million searches of phone numbers every month .The number of searches increased to 10 million users in January 2013,which is double of  the previous year users.

It is a free app which takes only a few mega bytes to get installed in your device but is highly useful and also safer specially for girls and women.

True caller has a lot of feature offered to its users which may help in simplifying their life’s ,Some of the key features are as follows-


TrueMessenger– this helps it identifying not just the unknown callers but also identify the sender of a SMS,this feature is exclusively launched in India.

Global Telephonic Directory-it is a worldwide telephone book ,through which you can search for numbers without any geographical boundary.

Call Blocking-is a very useful feature given by this app which help its users block unwanted calls directly from the app and this app won’t even let you see that when did that numbers even tried calling you,through this feature many people are safer from unknown calls.

Spam Callers Blocked Automatically-this feature helps in blocking calls from numbers that are marked as spam I.e calls from customer care,insurance companies,etc who waste the precious time of people and they don’t want to answer that phone ,if the same number is being blocked by some of its users then they are converted into the category of spam and hence automatically blocked by the app.

Social Media Integration-people do also post their photos as their profile pictures on the app which also helps it socialize the app a bit,you can also attach you Facebook etc social media platforms to your true caller app which also enables the persons to identify the callers more promptly.

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