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Tomb runner is similar to Temple Run game about the game you have to collect find and achieve the milestone and run fastly and safely and try to cover longest distance to create record. It’s an endless running game with 3D graphics and smart control you can play it in any mobile but I prefer to use Nokia mobile to play this game. Nokia is the only Browser which support games without any and your mobile will not be hanged while playing.

You have to find as many Treasure as you can and run fast and safely escape from the tomb. Your job is to help achieve the goals, with Fleming Express, jump gaps, slide, use row, sharpest corner to town, deadly lips which kill you, snake roll on the road, deadly turn and so many hurdles you have to cross all the hurdles to get from Tomb.

How to download tomb running games?

To download Tomb running games you need to go to App Store like google Play Store, apple Store, 9Apps game store or you can also visit official website of tomB running games. The best option is to follow the 9Apps links to download this game it’s very easy to download from this app store as its free and not charge for the pro version of this game.

What Is 9Apps?

9Apps is an App Store where you can download unlimited games for your Android mobile, laptop and PC. 9Apps is the only store where you can download paid versions of applications and games for free.

Tomb Runner Game download from 9apps


Track : Endless

Moving : Fast, you on your toes

Unlocked : Six characters,spending the coins,you collect

Graphics : Amazing

Simple controls : don’t slow down, split second moves

Developer : Gemioli

Platforms :Web browser (pc,mobile)


Decisions : arrow keys

Move : Left,right

Jump : Up

Down : slide underneath

Below are the list of Nokia phone series which support Tomb Raider games you can download this game from 9Apps Store. We have listed all the version of Nokia with support Tomb Raider game till the dated.

List of nokia game phones,downlaod games from 9apps

Nokia 8110 4G

Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia 1

Nokia 3310 4G

Nokia 6 (2018)

Nokia 2

Nokia 7

Nokia 3310 3G

Nokia 130 (2017)

Nokia 105 (2017)

Nokia 9

Nokia 3310 (2017)

Nokia 8

Nokia E1

Nokia 5

Nokia 3

Nokia P1

Nokia 3310

Nokia 6

Nokia 150 Dual SIM

Nokia 150

Nokia 216 Dual SIM

Nokia 230 Dual SIM

Nokia 230

Nokia 222 Dual SIM

Nokia 222

Nokia 105 (2015) Dual SIM

Nokia 105 (2015)

Nokia 215 Dual SIM

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