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Tik Tok app is banned in India due to pronography and kids involvement so indian government has put case against this application to avoid this type of activity. Tik Tok is now remove from Google Play Store for Indian users. The people who are looking for application to be installed in your mobile has to wait for the changes in the rule of iT sector to start it again.

The enrollment of children’s in Tik Tok was quite too dangerous as they do deadly scene to become popular in Tik Tok, there are also lots of vulgar and nude clips loaded by childrens in their private video. You so to overcome this problem Indian government has ban on the application.

How To Download Tik Tok In India?

Tik Tok users are aware about then of Tik Tok in India so if you want to use Tik Tok you need a third party applications from where I can download it very easily. The best place to download tip top is 9Apps there you will get this application very easily You only need to install 9app store in your Android mobile so that you can search it up APK fine to install in your mobile and use it.

Is downloading Tik Tok save from 9Apps?

9apps is an App Store same as Google Play Store so if you are downloading any application from 9apps it is completely safe. You need to read the Recommendation of each applications and games Before downloading as as  the reason behind is that Linux is only a platform where app developer put their application so so you know about that application you must read reviews of the application and get area from other resources. If you are satisfied then download application otherwise leave the application you have twice for each and every application. Tik Tok is very famous application so if you are downloading this application from 9Apps then it’s completely safe for you.

How to install Tik Tok?

To install tip top first of all you need to install 9Apps store in your mobile after installing and if you need to open the application then search Tik Tok 9Apps will provide you a list of tip top version, first one and then click to download as soon download completed it will ask for installation click for installation so that it can start installing in your mobile, tiktok need permissions about accessing contents, email account, contact detail, and mobile setting access allow this to finish the installation process. Now you are ready to use Tik Tok in your mobile testing by uploading your videos and have lots of fun.

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