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Type :Retail company

Seller Jasper Infotech Private Limited

Size : 95.7 MB

Category : Shopping

Languages : English

Version support : Android 4.0 or above, iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Copyright © 2016

CEO: Kunal Bahl

Founded: 2010

Headquarters: New Delhi

Founders: Kunal Bahl, Rohit Bansal

Online Shopping App : India’s largest online ecommerce portal

Recommendation : personalize shopping app.

Store : clothes, electronics, books, gadgets & daily essentials, Home design.

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Snapdeal is a free mobile app used for shopping products online sitting at a comfort of your home .The company who launched it was started by Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal and they launched it in the year 2010 .Today ,it has grown to become India’s largest online market place selling around 10 million products with more than 100,000 sellers and delivery in all the rural and urban towns and cities across the country which could be around 5000 or so . This is the largest E-Commerce site of our country delivering its services to there best for it’s customers. They have a variety of products to offer to its customers at a very reasonable prices .There variety extends to almost 30 million products available in many sizes and colours.

Snap deal is a very useful and handy app where you can buy products just sitting at home just by a click and the product will be delivered to you even with a cash on delivery option available.There are millions shopping and enjoying the features of this app ,some of its features are as follows-

FEATURES of Snapdeal app offer –

snap-dealOnline Buying-helps the customers to shop for their favourite products just sitting at there home,you don’t have to roam in the markets in the bad weather to search for suitable and cheap products.Everything and anything is available in this amazing app.


ility of Sports Goods also-this is something which takes a lot of time and effort to shop for,sports goods are a key for all the sportsperson maybe learners or also the professionals because everyone of them need to wear some predefined goods like maybe the Shoes in football or even the hand and leg cuffs etc . These type of products are not very readily available in the market and even if they are then they are very high rated ,this app although solved this problem to a very large extend.

Indian Handicrafts –are the key of our culture ,they are hand-crafted,complex but very beautiful and also very expensive due to there complexity in making ,these are not available in the general market or general stores one needs to visit there specific stores where they are very highly priced .But having this app also solved this problem of having our Indian handicrafts products being delivered at our door step so easily.

Gifting Option Available-this is something which caught the eye of many ,you can buy products from this app pay for it just sitting at your home and directly send it to the person you want to gift it to,gift wrapping can also be done to the products if specified so.Nothing better than sending your loved ones with a surprise gift if you are away from them.

Wide Variety to Choose From-the same type of products have a wide variety like in case of heels there could be many type like the change in colours ,sizes,patters,design,length etc. You can choose what fits you more among all the options given , this helps the customer to analyse that’s more in trend in the market these days.

Easy and Fast Delivery of Products-are being done once you place your order Nd have given all the details the company will send the product at your door step within 7working days ,which is very quick and easy.

Mobile Payment Option-companies like Free Charge etc have a option of online wallets where you can pay through your phone only you don’t have to visit your bank or even your bank site ,this helps in easy and faster payments of the products.

Snapdeal app APK download-

This app is very useful and easy to use also so if you haven’t tried it yet then stop thinking so much and download the app directly from our APK Download link ,millions have already did at just a few mega bytes used and enjoying the ultimate app ,why are you lacking behind? Download it now from our APK Download link and enjoy ..

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