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The is a match making app released for the online portal providing the same service. The portal was realised in the year 1997 as an internet based match making service for Indian families. The founder of was Anup Mittal. The service can be claimed as one of the runaway success of Indian social e-commerce. The success of spurred the launches of several others online portals in the coming years.

Apart from India, serves the markets of USA, Canada, Middle East and the United Kingdom. It is mainly for the Indian diaspora in these countries. In its inception years, the services were in fact more used by the Indians residing externally. Slowly, domestic customers inside India also started to use its online services of wedding matchmakings.  Today almost 6 million wedding matches have been done with the help of this portal.

Apart from portal services, the company also has offices across the country. This is known as Shaadi Centre and there about 250 offices of these centres, Pan India. They familiarize the walk in customers on the services, facilities and the benefits. It is a useful division for those who have difficulties in Internet access.

Through its blog Shaadi live, the portal gives useful information about the latest product and updates, special offers that are selective and time based, inspirational and success stories of matching making and the happy lives thereafter. It also has “ask an expert”, wherein users can get advice from counsellors in the site.

The venture is also into many social activities like empowerment and education of women against domestic abuses and wrong practices. is the winner of many awards from renowned publications and institutions. It has also won international recognition through the top 50 innovative companies’ award by the Fast Company USA and the best matrimonial reader’s choice by New York Times. In its growth journey, the company has done some key acquisitions of smaller groups and mobile dating apps.

Features of the app –

  1. The app can be installed and run on Android, IOS, and Windows smartphones. It is a free app.
  2.  Register an create the profile.
  3. The Shaadi messenger is an on- the go chat and users can anytime get details from here on all steps and procedures.
  4. Finds hordes of new matches every day- city wise, community wise and every other matching criteria.
  5. The user can shortlist the required matches and view them for future dates.
  6. The facilities required by the user can vary according to the plan that he or she takes. This gives additional benefits like –
  7.  Access to phone numbers and email id of matches
  8. Chat and personalized messages can be initiated towards the other side.
  9. The profile visibility can be enhanced or reduced.
  10. Searches can be made according to religion, sub-community, state specific, linguistics, social habits etc.
  11. There are regional apps in 11 languages which include Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi… etc.

Download –  

This free APK app can be downloaded from the 9Apps site. This site has several thousand apps to serve your perfect daily life needs.

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